The State of California is very large 163,696 square miles. Today I am on my way to interview a chap to become the new General Manager for Simplicite. Having arrived in Los Angeles and missed my connection to Sacramento. I thought it might be more prudent to just drive the mileage but now I am second guessing myself.  Although by driving I can stop and have a bite to eat.  I Which may be to my benefit.

As I start out from Los Angeles my navigation equipped vehicle states that I should take the I-5 and head northward to Sacramento. I courteously oblige her. It also states that it will take about 8 hours. Chuckling to myself... we shall see about that. Reving the engine to the rental car, I head out of the parking lot, making a mental note to speak with the rental agency about possibly purchasing this vehicle.

Remembering how much I hate Los Angeles traffic from my last visit here. I look for an alternate. Spying a possibility and taking it still heading in a northward direction.

Ending up in what is called “The Valley” looking at the marvelous neon signs, the people and the cars. Rolling down the windows to take in the not so fresh air, I catch the fragrance of my next meal.

I quickly change the direction of the vehicle, like they do in the action films and slip perfectly between two cars. I leap out of the vehicle, set the alarm and follow the scent of my prey.

My mind and body refreshed, I dispose of the remains and head back to the vehicle. Looking down at the passenger seat, spying my cell phone and realizing I need to check in with the office. I check messages and call the office. Speaking with the Assistant Manager at Simplicite, she notifies me that the person that I was going to interview needed to cancel his appointment with me. She then notifies me that there is a prospect in a small town called San Luis Obispo that may be what we are looking for and as we are talking she says that she has emailed me the resume. I ask her to make arrangements for us to meet and hang up.

Glad that I got sidetracked in “The Valley” and checked my messages. I reset the navigation to San Luis Obispo and head out.

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