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"Live life like you'll die tomorrow, but dream like you'll live forever." ♥


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My Life. ♥

People and introductions of themselves confuse me. Obviously we know your name, yet we ALL do it. That.. “Hi, I’m so and so”. I’m different, or maybe I’ve just grown, or a little of both. Over time you ALL should hear my name. Whether it be Twitter as the Prankster Pixie who loves to prank the Cullens, or here as the obnoxious Giggling Pixie that absolutely ADORES smurfs, OR.. as the one who will shout ‘Shut up, Patches!’ on skype Every single time. I’m unique. I’m only one me and I will forever stay that way. I mean, who REALLY wants to be like everyone else? Not me!

As you will notice I have my ups and downs. But on my ups, I can’t be anymore myself and giggly and happy. On my downs, really all I want and need is a friend.

I can easily say now that my relationship with my biological father isn’t anywhere to where it should be. He drinks and even my friends are afraid of him and even dislike him for how he treats me. I’m a failure to him, but I luckily have my Daddy here. Two years ago, Carlisle S. Cullen entered my life and completely changed me. He is that dad to lift you off your feet, give you a band-aid and some words of encouragement and say “When you’re ready, go back out,” with no pressure. Through thick and thin he has always been there for me.

                        My Daddy.







He’s proud of me. He’s always listened to me. He thinks I’m perfect just the way I am. He thinks I’m smart and will reach any goal I set. He’s my daddy.


Then there is Sarah. It’s funny because when I first met her, we hated each other. I don’t think either of us will ever forget that day in chat with both of us crying and yelling at each other. Now, two years later, we have met each other, skyped, and grown together like sisters. She protects me like a sister, even if it’s just as small as tweeting, “No one hurts my little sister!” We’ve been there for each other between good and bad.















I have honestly made a lot of friends and they know exactly who they are. *Smiles* But Sarah & Carlisle are like a mini family to me. It’s kind of hard to explain, but I can try if you ever ask me privately.

NOW, Let’s see. I am a loving young teenager. My birthday is July 9th of 1996. I can be very bubbily and bouncy when you can catch me on my good days. Otherwise, I can be a bit jumpy and stressed. Summer is my favorite time of the year; no stress or drama.

My parents are almost a little too hard on me because over half my stress is because of them.

I have a very creative side. I love to write stories, and even Role-Play a little on the side. (Thank Katie and Sarah for getting me into that :p )

Overall, I’m one of those people that has a soft heart. I get hurt a lot because people push me around and I don’t know how to tell them No or Stop. Don’t be one of those people.

I am known by all, loved by few, and hated by many; A saying that my friends and I say a lot.

My favorite saying, “You were given this life because you were strong enough to live it.”

So, now that you know a little bit more about me, talk to me! I’m a huge talker, just ask my friends. *giggles*

Also, Over weeks I have written up this biography of myself. Since then a few things has happened.

My life had been hard ever since September when my favorite teacher passed away suddenly from a heart attack at the age of 50. I had looked up to him. I was even going to have him write a letter of recommendation, but now that won’t happen.

I’ve had a few big bumps in the road such as my teacher, then a student died then on April 25th, 2012 my aunt passed away from Cervical Cancer.

Since then I have builded myself & strengthened myself to be the strong happy teenager I am here writing this today.

Keep moving forward, I was told one night by someone that will remain nameless. I’ve had a hard life, but I’ve learned through everything. I pushed and learned. That’s how I thrived. You can’t sit & dwell on the past or worry about what others will think or how they will react.

Through my sadness I found a bright light that plays right beside me this very moment. In fact, we just named him.

About two weeks ago, on a Sunday night, I stood up to my dad. I told him he could hate me, but I was NOT leaving the little baby kitten out in the cold all night just to wake up that morning and find him dead. He backed off & I played with the little 3 week old kitten that was now in my care.

Of course I was scared. He was so tiny and needed his mom, but it doesn’t work if the mom abandons him. Now two weeks later he his growing, healthy, and playing. Almost 6 weeks old, he is my little light that I believe God sent down from Heaven to save me.

His name is Chester Paul Gates. Paul is from my brother, but Chester is a mischievous name, and he very mischievous! My mom calls him ‘Little Monster’ because of it. Going from having no hope in your life & wearing a fake smile can change in an instant if you just believe that it all WILL work out. I dare you to try.

My little baby, Chester.



"Such is Life" ~Blake Aaron Lobdell.

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Just Surrender

Posted on June 14, 2012 at 1:30pm

Young Love.

Does young love ever last?

Or will it fade as time goes on?


He makes me smile, he makes me giggle, he makes my heart flutter and my stomach turn and have butterflies. I can't help but squeal with love. My song is full of passion and happiness.


The 6th of May, 2012 will be a day I will always remember; the first day I actually met Josh.…


Posted on May 6, 2012 at 6:17pm

Such is Life

I would say most of you know me pretty well. I make friends easily which then most of you know all of my down times. I've had them a lot lately. I can't help it though. If I could only tell you everything, I would, but I can't tell you all.

"Such is Life" is one of my favorite quotes that I stick to. My teacher, Mr. Lobdell that passed away 6 months ago on the 18th of March would say that everyday. He was my inspiration. Lately, I've realized just how true that quote is. I have a…


Posted on March 15, 2012 at 3:43pm

Just Freeze for a Minute.

Days creep closer & closer.Yet I want it all to just Freeze for a minute. Catch my breath, Look around, & see it could all be much so worse.
I don't get this. The…

Posted on December 12, 2011 at 2:20pm

The Flash Of My Whole Life

My dark caramel locks bounced on my shoulders as I walked down the hallway as any normal day, my smile as bright and beautiful as ever. The day had no reason to bring my emotions down to a plummet, until I heard it.

That weekend was one of the best. Christmas by the Lake was around and the joy was all around town. My best friend came into town and it made it that much greater. We placed light-up Santa hats on our heads and walked around in the snow talking. Cassi and I would always… Continue

Posted on October 24, 2011 at 7:51pm

A Community brought together by One Man.

An impact to all, but also the ~One~ Man that would bring together my community after a while. My town is known for its cliques and exclusion. I am not involved in one, I am actually friends with everyone in my class. Just about at least. We all know each other. Its nice, but when it gets cliquey, It's not fun.

Mr. Lobdell ~Always~ saw the cliques. He shook his head at them. He would and ~Was~ the ~One~ man to bring our community together.

By the way, when I said cliques, *lets… Continue

Posted on September 29, 2011 at 7:36pm — 2 Comments

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Hello gorgeous girl, I just thought I'd stop by and say hi to one of my favourite people. I hope you're well and loving life again, because you deserve to be happy and you're my little sister. Take care sweetheart.

Love always

Carms xxx
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Love from,

Sam, Emily and Shay

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