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A Secret

I may be one of the most feared guards of the Volturi, but there are always thoughts brewing in my mind.  One thought, one wish in particular has plagued me for centuries.  Nobody knows that I admired Carlisle Cullen when he was part of our coven.  Not admired like a boyfriend, but more like a father.  A father I deserved.  My biological father was not one to admire at all.  In my childhood, I might as…


Posted on June 16, 2016 at 4:00pm

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"There are no options for those who break the rules."

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If You Must Know About Me...


Copyright 2010/2011 by Cullens Online - This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

My name is Jane Volturi and I reside in Volterra, Italy.  It is true.  I am a vampire, but a vampire you do not want to mess with nor get on my bad side.  I owe my eternal gratitude to Aro Volturi for saving me and my brother, Alec from the accusers of our village.  If it weren't for Aro, neither my brother nor I would be "alive"...in an odd way of saying it...today.  Living in a big castle and being one of the most feared elite guards of the Volturi.  But you may be asking yourself how I came to be.  That is the knowledge you are here to inquire about, am I correct?


Well, let me start at the beginning. Throughout my biography here, you will hear me reference my brother on several occasions. He is the one person I hold dear to my heart for he is the only blood relative I still have to this day. We've been through a lot. How much? Let me begin.


I was once human. A normal village girl, at first, who enjoyed doing normal girl activities. My brother was born a couple minutes after me. We are what you consider fraternal twins. We do not look alike, but we were practically born one after the other. We were raised well by my mother and father, but as the years went by, I realized that I had a special gift. My brother also let me in on the fact that he, too, had a special gift. My mother and father sat us both down at the dinner table the night we confronted them about what we could do and had a big talk with us. My mother started off by saying that most twins have special gifts. Then, my father interrupted her in an urgent manner to tell us that we could not, under any circumstances, admit to our special gifts to anyone in the village. He got into the horrific details of what could be done to us if any villager, no matter how young, old, or how much we trusted them, they would do to me and my brother. We promised both my mother and father to never tell anyone else about our abilities.


As Alec and I grew into our early teenage years, we found that a lot of villagers began gossiping about our family. They would mention how every time one of them had any ill-will towards us, that villager would end up dying shortly thereafter. And that anyone who befriended our family and stayed true to us would somehow be rewarded. The gossip spread throughout the village. As more unexplainable deaths occurred, more accusations were thrust towards my family. My anger built up inside that those people had the audacity to point fingers at my family! Well, more deaths occurred, more fingers were pointed at us, and that's when the villagers accused me and my brother of witchcraft.


We were sentenced to burn at the stake one frigid night. To this day, I can still play out everything that happened that night. The villagers came to our front door with torches lit. My father opened the door and began to beg the villagers to have mercy on me and my brother; that we were just children. That didn't stop the villagers. They pushed my father aside, pushed my mother to the floor after she attempted to shield us from the angry villagers, and grabbed both me and my brother simultaneously by the arm, dragging us outside with no shoes on. All we had on were our night clothes. Being as small and defenseless as I was back in my human form, I could not fight off the villagers. No matter how much I kicked, bit, screamed, more villagers would simply take over the chore of tying my brother and I to the stakes, suspending us from the kindling that lay beneath our feet. Once we were tied up, ten villagers, five for me and five for my brother, lit the kindling beneath our feet. The pain was excruciating! I felt defenseless and helpless, feeling the need to break free and save my dear brother who was screaming so loudly as his legs began to burn. I screamed with him. There was nothing we could do. We were going to die.


That is, until Aro stepped in and saved both me and my brother. He removed the rope with his accomplices and brought us into safety. As he carried the both of us away effortlessly, all I remember hearing before I passed out from the pain left from the burns on my legs were the terrified screams that echoed in the village. I don't know what happened after that. I passed out from the pain and woke up a changed girl. Aro explained what I was and informed me that my brother was a vampire as well. He told us he would show us how to be what we were without breaking any laws. At that time, I never knew there were vampires, let alone "vampire laws." He guided both me and my brother, showing us how to feed, when to feed, and educating us about Volturi law. Finally, once we were finished with our newborn phase, Aro made us part of his Elite Volturi Guard who stand alongside him almost at all times.


Aro calls me his jewel and I intend on keeping that title. I will do almost anything Aro asks of me when it comes to inflicting painful torture unto anyone who breaks Volturi law or threatens our coven. He is my brother's and my maker. I owe him my eternal servitude, as does my brother.


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I became the little sadistic girl you know today. Pray that you never have to see me for it may be your last day on Earth. How can you make sure you do not see us? Follow our laws and nobody gets hurt. It's that simple.


Copyright 2010/2011 by Cullens Online - This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


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