ok weird day but this is what happened

~class gets held and i wait in the hall for maggie (my best friend) to get out of class~

~a hand places on my shoulder~ him: hello?

~jumps and my book fall~ me: oh sorry

~he bends down to help me pick it up~ him: are you new here i've never seen you around?

me: i'm picking up my best friend waiting on her actually im homeschooled!

him: oh well here you go you like this stuff?

me: romeo and juliet?

him: yeah you like the classics?

me:yeah a little bit more into horor!

him: cool so you have a name?

me:nope born without one!

him: ~gives me a look and starts to laugh~ well seth is mine no name

me: cool actually most of my friends call my amber so you know?

him: ohh amber!

maggie hey hot girl! ~smacks me on the butt~

him: ~looks at us~ umm well your friend is here i got to go!

me: cool

maggie: YOU LIKE HIM YOU LIKE SETH!! i dont think i would if i was you dosent look you type or anything but you know i guess you get a guy you get a guy!

me: ~downs her out as i watch him walk and she grabs my arm and starts to drag~

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