I can feel the uneasiness in LaPush since the Cullens went on their trip.  Quil hasn't been around much due to his having to be on patrol a lot more.  Same with everyone else too. As if the quarantine isn't enough stress as it is. It sucks. I had to have my 16th birthday with only my mom and sister and Quil. I mean it was nice and everything and I got to talk to Aunt Emily and Uncle Sam and everyone on the phone but it just wasn't the Sweet 16 birthday I had expected. I know that no one was expecting this and it's not anyone's fault or anything. It's just a scary time in the world. I feel bad for my sister too. She had to finish her semester online and that wasn't easy with her biology class at all. She didn't finish the semester with all As this time and that really set her mood to bad. She's been grumpy for a couple weeks now.  I hope, for everyone's sake, that this ends soon so we can all get back to our regular lives soon. I don't want to have to kill my grumpy sister but if this keeps up, I can't make any promises!

There's only so much Netflix I can watch. I just finished season 3 of  Riverdale . I already watched all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, All of ANGEL, All of Supernatural, All of Vampire Diaries, All of Grey's Anatomy, All of Gilmore Girls and everything in between. I am so bored. Yeah, I'm lucky I love on the rez. I have the beach here but it's still way too cold and windy for that. I have some of the best hiking trails in all of Washington State, I know. We can go camping and fishing and hiking and all that. I know, I know. It's not that. It's the feeling of being restricted that is eating away at me. I can't go off the rez, I can't even just go over to Aunt Emily and Uncle Sam's to see Shay and the kids. I can't go hang out in town or even go shopping with Alice. I miss that. I am a free-spirit, I guess. The restrictions are making me crazy!!

Quil just got back from patrol and has news from the Cullens. They are in Italy for a few weeks and said to say Hello and tell us all they will be back as soon as possible.

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