I thought I would magically wake up on my birthday feeling  older. Turns out, I feel the same, look the same, wear the same size clothes. I measured myself against my closet door and I see that I didn't really grow much since last year either. I guess I'm going to be about 5' 4" then. My sister, Connie, is 5' 6" and I would love to be as tall or taller than her but I guess I'm just the shrimp of the family. 
Mom made pancakes for me.  They were yummy and cute heart shaped with strawberries! I don't really like maple syrup that much so I like putting a little but of sugar on them with some strawberries. So yummy!


I was happy that Quil came over for breakfast too. It's nice that my birthday was on a Saturday this year! I didn't have to go to school and I slept until 9!! It was so nice! Connie was here too and Uncle Billy and Tiffany stopped by with Aerie who I learned, also LOVES PANCAKES! They all brought me presents and it was just so nice and such a good surprise!

Aerie made me a finger painting that Tiffany folded in half and it looks like a butterfly! It's so pretty! I think it's my favorite present !

Uncle Billy and Aunt Tiffany gave me a tin of my favorite cookies! She makes the BEST cookies!! They are shortbread with lavender and lemon. I LOVE THEM! Thank you Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Billy and Aerie!!! 

Mom and Connie gave me a PANDORA RING! It's a crown with a little diamond in the middle!  That is so perfect for me! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

Connie said it suits me because I act like a little princess and like I own the place. I just smiled and agreed. It's so true!

The ring under it is from QUIL! It's also from Pandora and it's got pink stones and is Stirling silver. It's so pretty they look perfect stacked like this. I swear I'm never taking them off! I had the best birthday ever!!

Thank you, Mom, Connie, Quil, Aerie, Uncle Billy and Aunt Tiffany! I love you all so much! xoxoxo

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Comment by Alice Cullen on July 8, 2018 at 9:42am

You are our Princess, sweetheart! 


Alice xoxo


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