The choice my family and I make to live our immortal lifestyle the way we do, having compassion for human life, has always and will always put us at risk. 

We challenge the very nature of being an immortal and therefore we challenge the power of The Volturi. They look at our family as radicals, as a threat to revolutionize how vampires can coexist in a world predominantly designed for humans. 

We know this, we understand the repercussions of our choice in lifestyle so it is of no shock to us when periodically The Volturi cause a threat to not only us but all we love and protect. That being said, while not surprising, it still shakes us to the core when we have the realization that perhaps this is the time when our luck runs out. 

I feverishly keep my eyes to the future, looking for any clue or advantage to give my family. The Volturi are not fools though. They know that my eyes are on every decision they make and use that to make faux decisions in attempt to throw me off, sometimes giving me just enough information to strategize the faux plan before they change their plans last minute. 

This trip, Aro has ensured that I know the main purpose of his calling me to Volterra. He is serious about having me leave the Cullens and join his beloved guard. He will stop at nothing and is growing impatient as we have held him off over the century. 

I have told Jasper of Aro's plans, of what I know at the very least. I always know that Jasper, while worried can handle the stressful information and support me in planning with what we know. As for the rest of my family, I do not want to worry them any more than they already are and this helps me to control the environment with Jasper to the best we can while we are in Volterra. 

My family and I leave for Volterra and with every second, with every mile that we get closer the heaviness of the security of our family weighs heavier on our shoulders and hearts. 

We have succeeded against The Vulturi over the years and we stood together in confidence. I hope that this is another confrontation that we can add to the list of victories and this will not be the moment that we fail and that our family changes forever for the worst. 

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