We kinda do Thanksgiving differently here on the reservation. We do what we call a Harvest Festival. It's really fun! The boys do a cliff diving demonstration, there is a canoe race and a fishing tournament and then the big feast! Connie and I baked a ton of yummy stuff and it went so fast! Cupcakes and pies don't last long around here and neither do Emily's muffins!

Quil didn't win the canoe race and he was SO mad.. Jacob, of course, won AGAIN.. like the 5th year in a row or something. I don't know why they even have it coz we all know who's gonna win! Quil always says he'll get his revenge next year and that doesn't happen. It makes me giggle to see how competitive they all are even now when they are all done with high school and college!

Sue and Tiffany always do a lot of the cooking and Uncle Billy and I were babysitting for Aerie. She is getting so fast, she started running towards the water a few times and I wasn't sure I'd get to her before she ran in and got soaked. I was so tired that night. I don't know if it was from all the food we ate or if it was from chasing Aerie all over the beach! Thank goodness she isn't a kid who puts everything in her mouth. So many shells are on the beach this time of the year because of the higher tides. She must have brought me 100 shells! She is SO CUTE!

Quil is taking me hiking today. It's a little misty out but I love it. It's all part of living in the Pacific North West! We get a ton of rain so we don't let it get to us. We just go with it. Hiking in the rain can be a pain in the butt because it can get really slippery. I have my hiking boots on so that helps. Quil gets so over protective sometimes he insists on carrying me up hills. I actually pretend to mind but I don't mind at all! I'd rather not fall and get all muddy but it's more fun to make him think I mind!

Gotta go, my Mom said I can't go with Quil until my homework and the dishes are done. UGH.

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