We don't really do Christmas like everyone else. It's more of a day to just kinda hang out with family, eat really good food and exchange a few presents with close family. We don't have a Christmas tree or anything like that but I always put up some sparkly lights in my room. I'm weird, I love Christmas music so I always have them playing in my room too. I think we all like Christmas time. People seem to be more friendly and aware of each other. The rest of the year it seems like people bury their faces in their phone screens and don't really hang out together. I love the holidays because we do all get together and we talk and tell stories and have yummy food!
 I made cookies last night with Connie and her boyfriend. Quil came over too and we just had a nice night. We played Monopoly and watched Frosty the Snowman. 

This morning Quil came over early and gave me a present he made for me. I LOVE it and will probably never take it off!'

For me, handmade gifts are the best gifts! He said it took him a long time to make this and I can see why! Do you see all the detail? It's BEAUTIFUL! Thank you Quilly!!!! I love you!

I made Quil's gift too. It took me ALL YEAR and let me tell you, keeping it hidden and a secret was almost impossible!

It's not easy to hide stuff from Quil! My art teacher was so nice and she let me work on it in class after I got all my classwork done. It took me since the beginning of school to get it done! I almost didn't finish it. She helped me with the Eyes. I just couldn't get them right by myself.  I'm making him a frame for it too but he has to wait for that since we need to go out and find some drift wood. Jake said he'd help me make it in his shop and that's perfect for me!

Im going over Skylar's house tonight for dinner. Her family has a big dinner and I'm so excited! 

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