as i sit here writing this i see how lonley my life is i have one friend who i hardly see no boyfriend (boys dont usually like me) and everbody i meet usually likes my older sister better i mean what kind of an accuse of a teenager am i i only have 3 numbers on my phone that i can text i barly talk to people ill admit im shy but come on some people could step up say hi once mabye somebody could break me out of my shell my unsocilization probably began when i became homeschooled i hardly see people anymore my best friend maggie is the only person who understands me and atleast i have her right but she usually has alot of other (better) things to do than hang out with me anyway!!

*sighs* my sister tells me how ugly i am and stupid and lame and thats the reason i have no friends i guess she has told me that so many times i'm starting to belivie it i hate this *sighs again* i dont like to look in the mirror because i'm not actually the skinnest girl in the world i mean ive lost tons of weight (not trying to gloat) butt i'm still chubby my round face curly red hair (which i straighten) not exactly the hottest appliciations for women but i mean i can't help it i need somebody...anybody..who could actually see who i am inside not outside who will be there for me who can understand and loves me my parents fight all the time so that kinda puts me in the dumps too i have nothing.. nothing but music i love music well listening to it anyway i can't sing good but i love it!!

i dont exactly no where to stop so ill just stop here before i get into details!!

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Comment by amber james on August 5, 2011 at 9:00pm
thanks katie that will help!!


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