Wow what a fun day we had hiking on Thursday! Thank goodness we had no school on Thursday or Friday!  We are off on Monday too! I love sleeping in! 

Anyway,  Quil picked me up in his Jeep after Alice dropped me back off at home after our shopping trip. We headed to the Hoh Rainforest with is one of my favorite places ever. I  have been hiking here with my family and Quil since I was a baby. I know a lot of the trails but I wouldn't want to go by myself. You can get lost real fast if you aren't paying attention.

It rained a little this morning but it turned sunny and has been sunny ever since. It's so nice to have good weather for a change. May is usually really, really rainy.

Quil and I are power hikers. We cover a lot of ground when we hike and stop to take a few pictures along the way. My lens is always smeared because it's so humid in the rainforest. Sorry for my crappy pics!

My Boots didn't stay dry very long!

Look at this huge slug! There are tons of bugs here, some are gross and some are cute like this little guy!

The elk are used to people hiking here and don't even run away until you get really close. We could hear them getting nervous and when they do they snort! hahah!

Haha I got this shot of Quil. He was going ahead a little to see if people were up there. He likes to hike where nobody else goes and he's faster than me so he always scouts ahead.

We had a great day, a great hike and a lot of fun!

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Comment by Jared Cameron on May 28, 2017 at 7:10am

Sounds like you two had a great day.   Maybe Kim, the boys and I can join you one of these days. 


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