I knew that in order to make this work I had to work hard, I had to stay determined. I slid out of my horribly expensive car and closed the door watching as Chad (Chessy) had taken my backpack and slung it on his free shoulder. I straightened out my short jacket smoothing its edges. When your parents live overseas and you only live with your eighteen year old sister you could wear whatever you wanted. Let along if you were a model. I pulled up my knee highs and looked in the mirror at my mini skirt. A nun would say I looked like a prostitute and your boyfriend might've said I looked dangerously hot (oh yeah I went there) but to me I looked...just plain. My favorite black and purple striped shirt stay snug against my curves and clung to m chest accentuating the low v cut. My jacket only went a few centimeters below my rib cage. My outfit was the only thing that mattered right now. I was here strictly as a rich ambassadors daughter. I had to keep my reputation for being a bad since Vlad had already brought that title. I began walking as the the guys followed me sheepishly and I could already feel eyes on me. I pushed open the school doors and did one of my famous runway walks to my locker. I took long sideway glances around me noticing that I was the only girl here with any curves at all. My own finesse surprised me as i gracefully put my excess books in my locker and handed my bag to Connor.

I, Taiga Vera Vladmira Rogers is extremely lucky for being a socialite. Since I already had a pack of friends I had someone I could stay close to, to shelter me when I was nervous about other children my age when I was supposed to be confident. My sister Vladmira considers me to be the emo queen, when she's only a prep herself. All of my best friends are primarily guys because honestly girls are to much for me. The guys weren't shabby looking themselves. Girls always annoyingly swooned over them dissolving at their gaze. When really their just immature goof balls just like me. Everything fit perfectly in my short sighted world. I'm held to be the queen of the school. If you could simply get a response out of me you would be held responsible as the second most powerful person at my school besides my pack of friends. I never really understood other kids my age really, which is why I always had a stronger bond with adults. My mother always thought of it to be a good characteristic about me to help the family name when it came to important gatherings the family had to attend to. I just found it as another excuse to shelter myself from others. My family seems very superficial and surreal to the outside world. Being rich, highly respected and extremely powerful is just what my peers think of me and my family. When really we're just an average family with problems just like everyone else. But of course no one listens to that side of the story. And of course my English teacher is going to kill me for starting with conjunctions. In reality my two older siblings Vladmira, Joseph and I are all party animals. My younger siblings are just little innocent children always being cooed at since birth. I can tell even my baby sister Erin who's only two is tired of this lifestyle. My mother and father are two caring people who try to take care of their children the best way they can, but they also know that they can't control everything, since my dad is an ambassador and constantly travels he's never stable with a home to settle in. Which is exactly why half of my family is in France and I'm here in America practically living in my own house. My life is completely abnormal let me tell you that.

In the middle of this mini flashblack of my entire life I realize that I ran into two senoirs spilling their tray of food all over us. They seemed to be a couple because the girl freaked out while the male tried to soothe her and I watched them sympathetically and speechless. The guy stood up to help clean my shirt and I noticed his nervousness alike mine, but something tipped him off about his small little act. He was smirking...with his eyes as they were fixated on my chest. The girl noticed and she did something that always struck me dumb, she swung her fist in my direction. For some absurd reason she was mad at me, so yeah my first day as a freshman I get into a fight with some crazy girl. I swooped low and knocked her legs out beneath her and kicked her across the floor. She growled ready to pounce on me and yank my hair out when the security gaurds came to hold her back. Of course as an ambassadors daughter supposed to a white trash girl they took my side and helped me clean up the mess. At exactly that moment I understood something. High school wasn't meant for the innocent. Oh yeah, and that guys are rude pigs. The guys came up to me and made sure I was okay, let along the rest of the student body who came to see. Since gym was my next period I borrowed Chessy, my best friend, basketball shorts and wore my tank top. I gave Chessy a brief hug and thanked him for letting me borrow his cloths and that ended that part of the story.

I never ever seem to avoid trouble, I never ever seem to be normal, I never ever seem to be completely happy. Yet I will always be fierce.

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