October here is a busy month. We are all excited about the change of seasons and the great harvest festival.

It's a time of gratitude, friendship and togetherness. The tribe comes together to create an atmosphere of love and family and each one of us brings something unique to the gathering.

Old Quil will make the table that we will place on First Beach. On the table be our feast. Dried fish, fish fry and cakes, sweets, vegetables from our gardens, fruits and all sorts of goodies. The kids go nuts this time of year and Emily's pumpkin spice muffins are my downfall. I can't wait. I honestly cannot wait. I know Tiffany will be standing like a sentry guard by the table but one of the boys is always successful in getting a muffin to me. I am pretty slick about it and they know that my day is not complete without one of those muffins!

Each of us has a talent and each of us brings with us, a piece if that talent to share with others. Tiffany brings her crochet talent... blankets, socks, mittens, scarves, sweaters... you name it.. She spends the year making things for this festival and each one who attends does not leave without something she made by hand, with love.

My talent is story-telling. After Jake gets the bonfire going, we all move our chairs around it. I tell stories of our people until late into the evening. My stories range from the first gathering to the stories of our ancestors with their first phasing, the Cold ones and all the way up to present day. There are so many stories to tell!

We are all in deep preparations for the Autumn Festival . The time we spend preparing is always a happy time. Each of us is looking forward to it. When you have something so special to  look forward to, it makes the days shorter and our attitudes brighter.

I hope to see you all at the Festival. You are all family and you are always welcome! 

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