Dear mom,

It been a while since I see you... I know you're in somekind of business out from the town. I really miss you mom... We all miss you, especially dad... He always asks me to accompany him to go hunt or something to distract himself, but the outcome is always the same, he always calls me Esme. He said it's because I'm so alike you, caramel wavy hair, golden eyes (of course), the laugh, the smile, and you know I also like to wear purple clothes... If he starting to call me Esme, I would yell at him by calling him 'Dad' and kick his legs if we sit together. Just like when I play chess with him yesterday:

"Hi dad..." I greet him. "Hi Hannah... Do you want to play chess with me? Come on honey, please?" he pleas to me. I sigh and nodded. "Come on... I'm going to beat you from the first round..." I said teasing him and we run to the chess table. For a while we did fine, I really beat him from the first round until... "Yes! I win again!" I said in full victory. "Good move Esme... You beat me again..." he said. 'Oh great... It happens again...' I thought. "Dad? Dad! It's me! Hannah! Not mom!" I yell and kicking his legs. "Oh! Oh, sorry Hannah... I just really miss your mom..." he said for the thousands times. "Yea, yeah... You say those thousands times..." I said and continue, "Maybe you should get back to your office daddy... I want to contact someone..." he nodded, "Yes, you probably right... Thanks for the game Es... Hannah..." he said. I stand up and go upstairs, leaving my lonely father...

You heard my story, so you should get back soon, okay? I'm very worried about him mommy... We all love yo and always will and we miss you so much...

With Love,
Hannah E. Cullen

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