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Just something I want to share...

I have lots of imaginations...

Becoming a sorceress, that's what my imagination wants me to become now. Doing magic tricks, repairs anything, broke anything... Well, every kids got their active imaginations right? Well I got super active imagination now...

Started from laying down on my bed, close my eyes and then my thought would flies anywhere... Sometimes I even wrote my imaginations to become stories, my laptop were full of stories from my brain...

Maybe I… Continue

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My ordinary night

I was sat and crossing my legs on my bed and listening to the music from my Ipod. Then, my phone rangs and vibrate, I took the phone and I receive a message from my bestfriend Aubrey. He asks me if I can go downstairs and open the door for him and then go with him, I smile and text him that I can and I dash to the door. I open the door and invite him to go in, I make scrambles eggs for him. After he finished I took him to my favorite place and let him watches as I hunt a mountain lion. I drop… Continue

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Happy Thanksgiving...

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody... I hope you all have a great thanksgiving day with your family, friends and everybody you love... 



-Love always Hannah E. Cullen and all of my family…


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A story for my dearest mom, Esme

Dear mom,

It been a while since I see you... I know you're in somekind of business out from the town. I really miss you mom... We all miss you, especially dad... He always asks me to accompany him to go hunt or something to distract himself, but the outcome is always the same, he always calls me Esme. He said it's because I'm so alike you, caramel wavy hair, golden eyes (of course), the laugh, the smile, and you know I also like to wear purple clothes... If he starting to call me… Continue

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Go for a terrible shopping with my sister Alice...

Today is a very beautiful day, the birds singing outside my window. But, for me this is the most terrible day in this month until next week. My week for paying my deal to Alice! I hide inside mom's closet because I can't hide in my own closet. But, damn for her visions, she always finds me where ever I hide. The closet's doors been open, "FOUND YOU!!!" Alice yells in victory. 'Urgh... Damn you Al's visions...' I thought, "Uhh... Hi Ally, what brings you here?" I ask innoncence, "Don't act like… Continue

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Carmen... (part two of 'A deadly deal I make')

I step out from my car and inhale deeply. I walk to the big house and push the door open. Gentle footsteps can be heard from upstairs. Carmen and Eleazar shows up on the top of the stair, Carmen gasp and close her mouth with her hands but from her eyes I could see she's shock and happy. "Hannah? Is that you? Is that really you or I just imaginating?" she ask, I smile and walk closer, "Do I look real for you?" I ask back, she nodded and hugs me tighly. "Oh Hannah! I'm so miss you... What are you… Continue

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My Other Friend Jacob...

I know vampires and shape-shifters are natural enemy but, Jake is the most closest friend from Lapush... He always nice to me and my family... Now he's been imprinted to my dearest sister (Okay I call her my sister actually she's my niece) Renesmee or Nessie... Our bond to the shape-shifter became more tigh since then... But now, I'm going to tell you about Jake from my point of view...

Jacob Black, he's not really like the Cullens (like the other wolves) but he doesn't really act… Continue

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Everybody said that the most clearest memory of your human life is when you transform from human to vampire... Well, they're right because I could still remember when you just like been burn alive and the fire stays in your throat, this fire will burn your throat badly, the only thing that can cooling it off is not water but blood. Be a 'vegetarian' vampire is harder than be a normal vampire. Normal vampires drank human blood. When this warm, fresh blood flows through your throat, it will…


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The Weird Little Boy In The Plane

I was sat beside the window in first class flight... My earphone attached to my Ipod, I play the game in my Ipad while I wait the plane to take off and bring me to Alaska... Then, a mother and her son pass me and sat on the same row as me, the little boy sat besides me and look curious to my Ipad but I ignore him and keep playing. Just then, he pulls my earphone from my dear ear harshy, "HEY!!!" I yell in respond, the mother turn around and look at the both of us, "Oh Peter! You bothering the… Continue

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My Brother Edward...

I'm Hannah Cullen, which means I got 8 siblings if you count Nessie and Jake as my siblings as well and not as niece and nephew... I love my parents and all of them... I got one brother that very close to me, yeah he's my most longest virgin sibling, Edward... Now I want to tell you about him from my point of view...

He's born in 1901; Chicago, Illinois and been change in 1918 when he's 17 and make him the second oldest in my family after dad of course but physically mom is the… Continue

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A Super Fun Home Alone Ever!!!

Dad has super busy time in the hospital. Mom has this motherly groupie this afternoon. Rose and Alice are in Paris to go shopping. Em and Jazz go to the cinema to watch some kind of war movie. Ed, Bells, Nessie, and Jake are go hiking and go around the town until night. And there is me, alone in the house. Mom has try to convince me to come with her but I know better that she would ignore me when she meet her friends so I refuse to come. I don't want to been drag to stores by Rose and Alice so… Continue

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About myself

Hi, I'm Hannah Cullen... I'm gonna share what I remember from my human life...

My name is Hannah Elizabeth Everson. I born in Colombus, Ohio in 1966. I have one big brother name Edmund and one little sister name Rachel. My parents are Mr. George Everson and Mrs. Selene Everson. My parents always spoiled me and my siblings, especially me. Mom likes to buy lot of dresses,

clothes, and girlie shoes for me, but I usually more preferred a shirt, jeans, and sneakers. I love my family… Continue

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A deadly deal I make

"Alice! Please help me... Could you please see if she will shock or not!" I plea to my sister, "And what for the exchange?" she asks with her wide smiles, she must be already know my offer. "I would go shopping with you and allow you to pick anything for me..." I said while pleading for good to my fate, "For a full one week?" she asks hopefully, "Uh..." I bit my lip, "I won't help you if you don't want to..." she threatening me, "Okay okay... It's a deal... But, after I visit her... Deal?" I… Continue

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A same day as i live in

I was sitting on my chair beside the window in my room and reading a book. Then, a loud BAM from downstairs shock me. I put my book away and run down, i found Emmet besides a table that now been cut a half. "EMMET! What are you doing??!!" i scream, "Uhh... I just had an experiment..." he said, "What the hell is this experiment??!! If Esme back and find this... You're so dead Em!!!" i yell at him, he rub the back of his head, "Uhh... Just wonderring if this table strong enough to hold my left… Continue

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