Carlisle contacted us today and it  brought to mind a few old anecdotes. I figure I'll share one for the sake of entertainment.

There's a large tapestry that stretches for a good portion of the main hall between the Throne room and the main foyer. 
The wall behind that tapestry is bare and made of stone/brick just as the rest of the castle is except for a few places within our chambers where we have fortified walls which are covered again with plaster and white wash. 

Carlisle stayed with us for a while, many years ago. His chamber was next to mine and was right at the end of said tapestry. During days of boredom we had a game that we played in which we walked through the castle, completely blind folded and allowed all of our other senses to completely take over. Something you probably don't know is that a vampire, while fully restored and whole after transformation, does not need sight to maneuver himself. We have a sense, very similar to echo location, which engages and heightens our senses so we can move just as confidently as if we are sighted. Remember that next time you are in the dark.

It was well into the early hours of the morning and Jane and Alec challenged Carlisle to find certain objects that they had hidden within the castle. The catch was that he had to be blindfolded and find them in complete, pitch darkness. Easy, yes? Not so much when you have two cunning and sneaky opponents. The twins hid a statue. One that belonged to Felix so it wasn't exactly fair game to use but they often made mischief so it wasn't out of the ordinary. The statue was of a Greek God and it was gifted to Felix by a beautiful Greek vampire on one of his many excursions to Greece.  

The twins hid the statue in a small alcove behind the tapestry right next to Carlisle's door. 
The game continued for many hours. Carlisle made his way through the castle, looking for the hidden objects. He was successful with finding almost all of them, except for the small statue. He could not find it anywhere and the twins followed his very footstep until, at last, he stopped, removed the blindfold and gave up.

The twins were elated that they had stumped the great Carlisle! They really enjoyed his company and the stories he told. His eyes sparkled as he spoke and his voice was always very warm and soothing.

He begged that they tell him the whereabouts of the statue but to this very day, the statue remains hidden in the same alcove in which it was hidden so many years ago. They have left it there and there it will sit and wait until Carlisle returns one day to play another game of hide and seek with Jane and Alec.

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