I'm sure you know the story from their stand point so here I am to give my witness to what actually happened that day.

I saw them arrive. If I did not know better I would have sworn the dead heart within me was pounding. They arrived with a fluid swiftness, like a tsunami but with a sudden halt. Aro's eyes met mine and instantly a rage exploded within me. I looked to Carlisle for any sign of advancement but he stood his ground, patiently waiting. I felt them fools for not rushing into attack while the Volturi were still distracted and getting their bearings. Vladimir was edgy and ready. We stood for what felt like ages but was mere seconds before Carlisle's voice broke the silence. 

My rage grew ten fold with each passing second. When was he going to give a signal? When was it going to be out turn to destroy that which they hold dear. I was sure that I could take down at least ten of them alone before even one got a hold of me. Someone needed only keep Jane and Alec busy. This was disorganized, we had no plan in effect. Carlisle assured us there would be no fight but the thick tension in the air said otherwise. With fists and jaws clenched, Vladimir and I were ready.

It never happened. Carlisle was right when he said that there would be no fight today. Fools. The whole lot of them. FOOLS!

What did this little meeting in the snow accomplish? It only made things worse. Aro has vowed to return, he covets Bella's gift and has never, ever settled for anything less than acquiring that which he covets. He collects those with gifts and places them on a pedestal in his 'so-called' guard. They sit there under the false idea that they are valued when in reality, they are mere collectibles and there for Aro's amusement only.

Fools!! All of them, to think that the Volturi will leave them to live in peace. Aro is simply biding his time. He will return, sooner than later, to claim that which he desires. Vladimir and I will stand with the Cullens and their friends when the time comes. They are my ticket to destroying that which I have come to loathe and despise. To leave none standing, that is my desire. Much like Aro,we share a common trait; to stop at nothing to get what we want. Mark my words.

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