An impromptu visit from the Volturi has put the Cullen Family in a position where they must choose between the ones they love and their own existence as a coven.  Although Aro has been nothing but courteous, he is using Alice's vision against her by sending the most unlikely of the guard to Forks in order to persuade Alice to visit Volterra.  Of course, things are not always as polite and friendly as they seem. 

Here is how that secluded conversation went...

Renata: *The time has come to meet with the Cullens. This will be their last chance to accept the offer from my master, for I must return to Volterra. Alice has had more than ample time and after my last chat with Carlisle, I am certain that things will progress in a manner that suits the Volturi. After all, Carlisle is no stranger to our politeness and must have anticipated this day arriving. As foretold, I arrive in the isolated field just north of the Cullen's home to await their greeting.*

Carlisle: *slowly ambles my way to the clearing, my senses alert and aware. The anticipation of this meeting taking it’s toll on my mind, wondering what the outcome will mean for my family* Hello Renata *nods politely, my demeanor calm and stoic*

Alice: *Standing as tall as my small frame will allow as Carlisle & I approach Renata. Nodding towards her with intensity as one eye stays on my the future and the other in the moment.* Carlisle & I are ready to come to an understanding of how to get you, the Volturi away from Forks.

Renata: *A thin smile spreads across my face as you both approach. I knew you would come, though I suspected ulterior motives.* Always looking at things from a different angle, hmm? My master requires your consenting participation and I will leave this town alone. That is all.

Carlisle: *keeps a solid stance slightly between the two* Consenting *nods* How very noble. *Glances quickly to knowing she has only the best intentions for our family*

Alice: *Raising a brow to Renata, knowing over our eternally dead bodies will be ever consent to join the likes of the Volturi as a member.* We are consenting our agreement to guests only. Please tell your Master to not get his hopes up too high.

Renata: Noble, indeed. *Unafraid of your sharp replies, I glide closer to you both, that same victorious smirk as previous encounters returning to my lips.* I will prepare private travel arrangements to include you and... *Glances around.* Edward, perhaps?

Carlisle: *Turns my attention to Renata with a curious glance* I believe Edward would like to discuss this with his family before any solid decisions are made. *smiles my sweetest smile, looking directly into Renata’s eyes* Surely your master would expect no less.

Alice: *Seeing in my visions that the family will indeed stand as one unit as we go to Volterra. We will not be divided and swayed. A new vision beginning to distract me as it takes me. Giving Carlisle a look to let him know all is not as simple as we had hoped.*

Renata: *The look that passes between you does not go unnoticed by my eyes, but my master warned me of your gifts and of your loyalty to one another. I will not be dissuade from my purpose.* Edward has one day. When we leave, he will be with us. There are no second chances.

Carlisle: *Secure in my familial bonds, nodding slightly to Renata* You know how to contact us *

Alice: *The visions I am seeing, still troubling but knowing that I need to keep this to myself as I understand it better. A matter that needs to be addressed as we begin initial preparations to leave to Volterra.* Renata, there is another matter we must discuss. The humans have been close to home while they are ordered to stay safe from illness going around. I know you are briefed in the situation since Italy was also quite affected. *Noting the fresh shade of crimson to her eye color.* We can assure you will not be tempted to enter any homes, correct?

Renata: *Her question catching me off guard as I plan to leave the meeting, my brow raises and the smile that greets my face would be akin to one of Jane's.* Why, Alice... so much concern for these humans. My feeding habits are not up to your discretion, though I have left those in the immediate vicinity safe...for now. Of course, that all depends on you and your family. Now doesn't it? *As a gesture of my threat, I lick over my lips.*

Carlisle: *Doesn’t react to the threat, knowing full-well that she would carry it out in an instant* I trust you’ll keep your word as we will keep ours

Alice: *Offering a false smile, touting out to Renata* You know, we can always give you a few pointers if you would like to try a vegetarian diet while you are in Forks.

Renata: Of course, Carlisle... *While I remain courteous, giving Carlisle and Alice each a nod, my lips curls as the thought of animal blood.* It is a stain on our traditional way of life. I don't know how you can stomach it.

Carlisle: Traditions can change *smirks* And I feel a change would do you some good *puts my hands behind my back* Our diet is most satiating, I will be honest, takes some getting used to but is quite satisfying *chuckles knowing the mere idea is unpleasant to her and her coven*

Alice: *Grateful Carlisle is at my side, his experience once being in the Volturi gives us expertise on how to relate to their experience.* The Volturi could use some tradition changes..

Renata: Tradition is what keeps our values and secrecy in tact. *Now my expression becomes less polite, mirroring that disgust for your diet on the outside as well as within.* I do not wish to live a half-life as you do. Our business here is concluded for the day.

Alice: *Nodding in understanding as Carlisle & I begin to back away, knowing we need to be careful and swift as we make plans to tell the family.*


Arrival in Volterra 

Feeling they had no other option, The Cullen Family agreed to Aro's terms and joined him in Volterra for a visit. Wary, they remain on their guard and stand together as a family, for it is very apparent what Aro is attempting to accomplish. Unbeknownst to our reluctant travelers, however, some members of the Volturi have stayed behind in Forks as Aro's insurance policy should Alice go back on her word...

Alice: *The Cullens & I walking towards the gates in Volterra, taking a pause to look to the Cullens* Are you ready?

Rosalie: *looks up at Alice tightening my hold on Emmett's hand* Ready!

Emmett:  Ready as we will ever be *going into complete protector mode, read to spring into action, holding Rose’s hand tight *

Alice:  *Holding Jasper's hand tightly, looking to my family as we all stand united as my vision shows the guard coming to meet us.* Here we go..

Jasper: *Keeping Alice's hand in mine, as I glance over my chosen family. Knowing we'll get through this together. Waiting for Alice's Que*

Carlisle: *nods, silently as I squeeze Esme's hand. Eyes forward, senses fully peaked*

Demetri: *Grinning knowing our guests have arrived as I head out to the gate to greet them*  Darling Alice. So lovely to have you and your family join us tonight. Please if you don't mind, follow me though I'm sure most of you would remember the way.


Chelsea: *Stands ready in the throne room close to the others waiting to welcome our guests.*

Demetri *taking note of everyone who's joined Alice, as I start making my way back towards the throne room where everyone is waiting for us*

 Alice: *My family follows Demetri through the entrance as we begin to join the guard eagerly awaiting for us.*


Rosalie: *looks at Emmett as we follow Demetri before looking at my family, our shoulders high*


Carlisle: *follows in silence, my patience eternal and my will absolute*


Renata: -Seeing Demetri brings about a feeling of belonging. I tightly grip his arm, though I do not speak. Shedding my entourage a moment later, I eagerly look toward my family beyond greeting them with a bow, especially the figures beyond--my masters.- As requested, may I present the Cullen Family.

Jasper: *following Demetri, keeping close to Alice. Feeling his Demetri's confidence, as we move closer to our destination:


Demetri: *Smiling as Renata takes my arm as we walk to the throne room. A plan firmly in motion.*


Bella: *Fingers run through my hair nervously as I follow with, taking Edward's hand into mine*


Corin: *glances at Master Aro, seeing his grin and eyes brighten when he see's the Cullens, his eyes landing on Alice before he looks at Carlisle*


Alice: *Flashes of vision showing before me, looking over to Jasper, unable to tell him what I see but knowing he can feel my need for all of us to be cautious.*

Jasper: *Glancing down at Alice as I feel her mood shift. Nodding, taking in the room. My military training taking over. Staying as calm as I can with the mix of emotions in the room.*


Renata: -While I know that Edward has the power to hear all our thoughts, he would have also known my masters preparation. While Aro slowly stands, I smirk Edward's way, sending him a fluttering of polite images and nothing but the best for his family, whether he believes it or not.-


Chelsea: * Watching as the Cullen's enter the throne room, my crimson eyes flick to the Masters.*


Emmett: *Noticing Aro’s grin as he looks to Alice immediately, narrowing my eyes in disapproval. Feeling Rose gently rub my arm to calm me*

Jasper: *As Aro stands and smilies at Alice, I step closet to Alice, so not only are we holding hands but our arms touch. *

Alice: *Looking to Edward, communicating a more distinct vision I see as Aro begins to form a more concrete intention in welcoming us.*


Renata: As you can see, Alice, we have nothing to hide as promised. -I motion toward my masters as they rise in greeting.-

Demetri: *Moving off to the side a bit, having brought out guest in. Thinking about my newest book acquisitions and wondering if Edward or Carlisle might be interested in any of them. While none of them were medical texts they were some rather unique printings.*


Rosalie: *glances between Edward and Alice knowing those expresions well, I look at Emmett then to Renata as she speaks and Aro, Cauis and Marcus stand*

Chelsea: *Watching my Masters stand, and keeping a crimson eye on them and the Cullen's while I await my next orders from my Masers.*


Demetri: *Thinking back on some of the conversations Carlisle and I had many years ago, knowing Edward was likely taking in everyone's thought and thinking about how wonderful it would be to have those again, and include Edward in them.*

Carlisle: *shoots a glance towards Jane and Chelsea, fond memories of friendships of long ago tumble through my mind*


Chelsea: * Remembering about some of the Cullen's being gifted, I start to let my mind drift to my fashion magazines that arrived this morning. Thinking Alice might like to have a glance at them.*

Alice: *Trying not to let my guard down as I know it is in the Volturi's intentions to make us comfortable and see the better side of their coven. I must not let it sway me, though I feel my guard slowly lowering.*

Jane: *Remaining in the Throne Room next to Aro, I simply keep watch of our newly arrived guests, keeping on my best behavior*


Jasper: *Giving Alice's hand a slight squeeze, as I glance in Edward's direction, my thought going to something not feeling right.*


Aro: -Stands along side Caius and Marcus- "And then there were six" - Smiles giving a gracious nod towards Renata, pleased by all she has done by bringing me what I requested and then some-


Corin: *knowing my thoughts are being heard I let my mind wonder to the shopping trip Chelsea was planning, I look towards Lady Sulpicia and Athenodora as they smile at our guests, the idea of them being here is to calm them the Cullens and make them feel invited to our home*


Chelsea: * Glancing in Carlisle's direction not wanting to let slip how nice it would be to have him around more. Lets a small smile play over my lips as I continue to shift my thoughts.*


Renata: Master. -Though my worry for Aro's safety in my absence is all-consuming, my duty to his cause must supersede such things even if the glance I cast his way says otherwise. I move to my regular position of guard at his side, moving with him like a shadow.-

Alice: *My eyes meeting Aro, my family standing firmer.* I see the entire guard is the welcoming committee today..

Aro: -Steps forward, drawn to Alice's eternal optimism- "Indeed. Quite fitting I'd say. Your family are like royals and deserve a worthy welcoming" -reaches for her hand-


Carlisle: *raises a brow at the word, "royals"*


Alice: *Looking to Rose & Emmett as I know they are eye rolling in their minds. Looking to the rest of my family as they listen with careful intent.* Royals...well, that is a new change.


Jasper: *trusting in Alice, and waiting for her que to see if I should let her hand go, not trusting Aro as he moves closer to us, but not wanting to endanger anyone. Knowing how much Aro values Alice as a prize*


Renata: -As Aro steps forward, I do the same, always lingering, my sense of connection, of belonging, fully and instantly restored.-


Emmett: *snorts, knowing he’s scheming while he’s talking, likely distracting us from what he’s actually got planned*


Demetri: *keeping a close eye on all of the Cullens. Wanting this to go well, knowing how much many of us will enjoy having Carlisle here again,*

Jane: *A small smile plays on my lips as Aro moves closer to Alice. Watching closely. Ready for anything should I need to protect him or any of the Volturi in the room.*


Rosalie: *hears Emmett snort and I grip his hand so he calms down*

Jasper: *hearing Emmett and knowing how protective he is of all of us, sending out some calm energy his way, to make sure we don't have any incidents at this moment. Wanting to leave here as soon as we can with everyone*


Aro: -retracts and clenches my hands, loosely. together- "We are delighted to have you as guests" -My smile widens- "We have only the finest of accommodations for you and your family, old friend." -eyes dart to Carlisle- "If there is anything you need, anything at all' -lingers a moment- "Please don't hesitate to ask" -nods respectfully and takes a seat back next to Caius and Marcus-


Carlisle: That's very kind of you *my eyes shift to each pair of eyes in the room*


Alice: *Knowing that this is just the very beginning but we have stood together as a family with solidarity as we enter the next stage of this adventure.*

Corin: *steps forward with Demetri to escort them to their chambers*


Aro: -Raises my arm weightlessly- "The guards will take your luggage and show you to your rooms."


Renata: -By now, Edward will have heard my master's intentions to sway Alice, but this is no surprise to him or to the others. They knew before we ever left the ground. I smile in his direction from behind the throne. We will, as always, be the epitome of hospitality.-


Alice: *lacing my fingers again through Jasper's as my Family follows the Guard to our guest chambers.*

Demetri: *grinning offering my arm to Corin* May I show all of you to your rooms? *heading towards the door way thinking about books and chess matches as I glance over my shoulder to make sure that the cullers are following.*

Jasper: *feeling my own worry surfacing, and trying to keep is to myself as Alice and I start to follow Demetri and Corin to the rooms they are providing. Demetri's confidence burbling off him like cologne.*

Chelsea: *Nodding to Master Aro as everyone tends to there tasks. I to take my leave to tend to some things, making sure to let my thoughts keep shifting to unimportant things so no one can read my thoughts.*


Jane: *As the meeting concludes, I slightly relax and continue my duties next to Aro’s side, watching as everyone begins to depart the Throne Room.*


Corin: *holding Demetri's arm we make our way to the guest chambers*

Carlisle: *Follows along the corridors, the tapestries and paintings sparking old memories of time gone by; days full of games, challenges and old friends dance through my mind as I clutch my journal close in anticipation of filling it with things I had feared I had forgotten*

Emmett: *following Demetri to the “guest rooms” more like prison cells if you ask me. Looking at Rose as I catch the slight scent of human*


Rosalie: *never letting go of Emmett as we make our way through the corridors follwing Demetri and Corin*


Demetri: *Pausing as we reach Emmet and Rosalie's room. Letting them in, then to Edward and Bella's room. Pausing "Carlisle, I hope this room meets your needs." Smiling as I move on with Corin to Alice and Jasper's room. "Alice, I hope this room meets your needs. There is a lovely view of the city even at night. I do hope you enjoy it*

Carlisle: Thank you, Demetri *pleasantly surprised that he remembered and brought me to the room I occupied when I lived here, long ago* Come, Love *takes Esme's hand and tugs her gently into the room, feeling her reluctance with each step she takes* It will all be fine *pecks her lips and closes the door*

Jasper: *Taking note that our room seems to be a distance away from the others, wondering if we got this room for reasons other than the view*

Aro: "Ah the sounds of activity once again" -a content feeling swells within my chest- "It's about time to shake out the dust and cobwebs" -glances at my wife with a smirk- "Come along, my love. We have guests to get reacquainted with."

** Due to current RL events, the story was put on hold. We will resume 8/2/2020**


Alice and Aro take a walk...

Alice Cullen 

*Following Aro & Renata as they lead Jasper & I into the garden, looking around.*

I don't think we have gardens this beautiful in we Jasper?

Jasper Whitlock Hale
*staying close to Alice, feeling guilty about using my gifts on her. * No, nothing like this. At least not in Forks. *trying to keep some space between us and Aro and Renata, a space that would be respectable*

-slowing my pace a bit as we along the purple lilys, my favourite flower of all and the very ones Sulpicia planted especially for me-


-Waiting until my master has entered the grounds, gliding into the open space behind him as is my mandate. However, once inside a bright smile lights my face.- The masters want nothing but the best for our family, even the gardens.

Alice Cullen
*Taking in the purple Lillies, looking to the Volturi & back to Jasper, feeling torn.* I wish we could have a garden like this..

 Jasper Whitlock Hale

*Trying to sooth Alice's conflicted feelings." You know there's no reason why you and Esme couldn't start a garden back in Forks. *smiling brightly at Alice, as I focus on her, trying to ignore the Volturi as much as I can*


-caresses the petals of one flower in particular- There is a garden on the south side of the castle, right beneath their window -smiles and nods towards Renata- It could, quite easily become theirs. Shall we make it so?

Alice Cullen

*Looking between Aro & Renata, my visions showing the most perfect garden.* Oh, we would simply adore that! Wouldn't we, Jasper?


As you wish, my master. -Nodding obediently with every intent to follow through with your request...and more, once I catch sight of what is not being said behind those eyes.- Surely Jasper would much prefer to let us handle the garden? Just us girls...if that is not too forward for me to say.

Jasper Whitlock Hale
*Smiling and feeling like I"m losing this battle.* Of course we would. *Wondering what it will take to win the war against the Volturi and save my Alice.* No reason not to enjoy that while we are here.

Alice Cullen
*Perking up, Leaning closer to Renata as Jasper's grasp on my arm tightens. Looking back at him, feeling the serenity of home. Looking to Renata and feeling anticipation.*


-Sensing the conflict within her, as it is clear enough on her face, I offer a pallid hand out to Alice and a smile that is unmatched within the guard, save for one. Getting her away from Jasper is my master's goal.- Allow me to show you my favorite blooms?

Alice Cullen

*Blowing Jasper a kiss as Renata begins to lead me away. Bowing my head to Aro once more* Thank you, Master...

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