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At 10:20am on March 29, 2020, Alice Cullen said…

Sending you Birthday love on your special day! 


Alice xoxo

At 7:20am on March 29, 2020, Kim Cameron said…

At 5:43pm on May 24, 2010, Dimitri Artemis Kostas (Lai) said…
Hey 'papa' :P
good attempt at monopoly last night.
and damn kaius for reminding u to grab the 200 on the go
u were so close at almost forgetting to at one point lol
and i was so close to winning the game!
At 11:21pm on May 13, 2010, Angelica Lynn said…
I love you, Aaron :)
At 5:14pm on May 13, 2010, Dimitri Artemis Kostas (Lai) said…
Hey hey ma! don't forget the most important one over here!
Happy birthday pops!
no...wait that's not right...
now what was it i was gonna congratulate u for again?
=P just kidding
Congrats on the new job papa!
We're all very proud of you
and so is little jazz jazz over here
Since she refuses to have an account she's been insisting on jumping into all of our accounts instead lol
Silly little critter
love u dad!

Daddy!!! I'm so so SOO proud of u!
Thanks for the yummy dinner tonight!
I really loved the roast chicken and veggies and rice that you made! It was so yummy! You're the best cook ever!
And the movie was also very good! Now I want to be an inventor just like Iron Man haha
I love you Daddy! You're the best at everything!
At 8:20am on May 13, 2010, Angelica Lynn said…
Oh wow...
I was hoping I wouldn't be too late to wish you my hearty congratulations but it seems the kids have all beaten me to the first punch. lol
As we all agree...
We are all extremely proud of you, Aaron for getting the job that you've been working so hard to finally get and tonight we just couldn't be more happier for you.
We wish you all the very best with your new job and may all your hard work, accomplishments and even (some) failures give you all the knowledge that you need to help you reach your goals.
And always remember, dear husband that your family will always have your back no matter what.
You are the best father, brother and husband any of us could ever have or hope for and we love you so very much...

All my love,
At 8:06am on May 13, 2010, Kaius Nicias Kostas (Lai) said…
Yo pops! Congrats on the gig!
Real proud of ya!
And thanks for dinner tonight
Like Nila said
you shouldn't have
Let's plan a guys night too sometime this week
Arti and I would like to treat you to a few drinks and celebrate
Love u, Dad
At 8:03am on May 13, 2010, Nila Rosalie Weighton said…
Dad, you're awesome!
I'm really proud of you for getting the job you wanted!
And not just that but dinner tonight was amazing!
I still can't believe that you came home early and surprised us all with a meal! We should have been the one cooking you a huge dish not the other way around! =P
And to top it all off...
The movie tonight was fun! =D
Who knew we would all like Iron Man 2? haha
Thanks for a rocking night!
You're the best!
Love you
At 12:58am on May 13, 2010, Pelia Daphne Weighton (Lai) said…
Congratulations, Papa A! =D I heard the good news!
If you're up for D&D night tonight, I'm in!
And I'm sure Nila and Maddi would be too
Can't wait to hear the details over dinner tonight!
Love you, Dad =D
At 12:55am on May 13, 2010, Sita Aishwarya Singh said…
Daddy! I'm so proud of you! =D
And today is the perfect day to celebrate!!
It's our weekly Daddy & Daughters night! lol
I vote we go out for a movie after dinner!
Your ticket on us!
Yes? =D
At 7:57am on April 28, 2010, Angelica Lynn said…
Fancy taking the puppies out for a stroll with me tonight? =)
At 8:59pm on April 27, 2010, Sita Aishwarya Singh said…
Hiya *waves*
At 5:11am on April 22, 2010, Kaius Nicias Kostas (Lai) said…
Hey bro. Wanna go out for a beer sumtime this weekend? Just us boys - and Arti lol Call me
At 4:54am on April 22, 2010, Pelia Daphne Weighton (Lai) said…
ew it's Aaron
At 9:23pm on November 4, 2009, Dimitri Artemis Kostas (Lai) said…
Yoooo Aaron =) Where you at, bro?
At 2:11am on November 2, 2009, Angelica Lynn said…
Hi Aaron =)


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