Had a report filed by a citizen that some kids were messing around and spray painted graffiti on some of the rocks over by LaPush. 
I don't understand what makes people do stupid stuff. I wouldn't have ever dreamed of defacing anyone's property for fear that my father would tan my goddamn hyde if I did. Where has the respect gone with this current generation?

I took the call and John Parker and I drove up to the cliff face. I know this wasn't done by the rez kids. I know exactly what kinds of kids did this. The Seattle kids who got bored, drove out to cliff dive and decided to leave a mark. An ugly mark.

They have no respect, no regard for nature or other people and are simply disgusting and selfish. My words are sharp and rightfully so. These kids have no guidance. Their parents are too busy to spend time with them and send them off with money and their car to be out of their hair. Sadly this can be avoided if parents would just spend time with their kids and instill a strong sense of respect. SELF RESPECT.

I am saddened that I have to go out here with turpentine and a brush and scrub these rocks clean. Sad thing is, in a few weeks they'll just come back and do it all over again. It's a vicious cycle.

I miss the old days. The days of honor, respect and being aware that we are not the only ones in the world. Lack of consideration is a rapidly growing habit, one that needs to be corrected, and quickly.

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Comment by Angelia on May 25, 2016 at 12:08pm

When you figure out the answer to your question, please let me know.  If it's not kids being rude to their elders, it's their foul mouths and that's just on the minor side.  The major side is beating up special needs kids, calling in bomb threats, and smoking or eating stuff they have no business.  I'm a teacher and can't figure out what in the world is wrong with these children. Lack of parenting for starters I guess. 

Comment by Charlie Swan on May 8, 2016 at 7:34am

Yep, time for a stake out. And I don't mean a barbeque!


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