Trip to Dallas and Meeting the Cast of Twilight

So, I decided to write about my encounters with some of the Twilight cast.

I had gone down to Dallas at the end of July for Twicon. I was excited about it, until I got there and realized how poorly run it was. It was very frustrating. I felt like I was back in grade school the way they were treating everyone. Anyways... That isn't the point.

First, off I was afraid that I wouldn't get to meet anyone. But who knew what was going to actually end up happening. A few of us that were down there had Peter Facinelli's IPhone app. We had been in contact with him about a week before on the app because we found out that there was no way that we could meet Peter unless he called or sent a email asking for us personally. He had gotten on the app a week before and told us we were set. Which was exciting. We got there and when we told them that Peter's agent/manager called up here to request us. We actually found out that Peter HIMSELF had called up and requested the 4 of us. It was crazy! Anyways. Saturday came and we went and met Peter. He was expecting us which was exciting. He saw us and knew exactly who we were. When we were leaving I received a hug and a KISS on the cheek from Peter. -drools- We then went off to get a picture with Billy Burke. I gave him crap about his IPhone app because he is technology special. I didn't get to talk long to him because the people running the convention were being rude. Well then we went and did the Q&A that was extremely short and a waste of time. Other than the part of Peter telling everyone how he practiced stitching chickens. HAH Anyways after that we went and go out pictures from earlier and took it to Peter and he signed them. Well we all decided to part ways and go where we wanted to go. So I decided to just go walk around. Well Billy I guess had finished doing his autographs and was walking around. So I was upstairs just in my own world when this guy walked by me. He looked fimilar. I walked up to the guy that was following him (Bodyguard HAHA) and asked if it was Billy and asked if it would be okay if I was allowed to talk to Billy. So Billy comes out of the bathroom and we started arguing about the IPhone app right there in the hallway. Our backs were facing the elevators so everyone waiting had no idea who I was talking too. They didn't even know it was a cast member which was fun. So Billy pulled out his phone and handed it to me (Do you know how hard it was to not go through the number and take them? HAHA) Anyways we discussed the app and I explained some things to him and helped him out. We then took a picture and some people slowly started realizing who it was. But of course since he doesn't play a Cullen they didn't seem to really care. So Billy and I talked about 20 minutes and we went and parted ways. As he was getting on the elevator, I yelled "Bye Billy Burke" right as the elevators we shutting. Hehe. I am so mean. Well a hour later I was sitting in the hallway relaxing and Kellan walks by with like 3 Nazi women to watch him and make sure he didn't get attacked. They told me to move and I politely told them I was sorry. Kellan's exact words were "She was fine where she was" -grins- He said I was fine.. HAHA Well he then went to the bathroom and was in there for 10 mins or so. We were still chilling on the floor. I think he was probably signing the toilet or something. Or at least marking his territory. He then came out of the bathroom and walked by. I sarcastically told him to have fun and he winked at me. -swoons- He was so sweet. I wish I was able to get a photo with him, but the ladies with him were awful. So it was a great day.

We decided to go to the 100 Monkey's concert later that night. After the concert we decided to go and see if we could figure out a way to get into the VIP party that was for the 100 Monkeys. We showed up and talked to one of our friends who paid $100 for it. Jackson walked by and asked if we were coming. They told him we would if he could get us in and guess what he did. He got us in for free. We so totally crashed the 100 Monkey's VIP party HAHA

As most of you know I gained a friend that weekend. If you don't know about it, I am sure you can find out some how. It was a great weekend. Even though there were a lot of rude, hateful and ungrateful people there.

Here are some pictures from that weekend!

Billy Burke and I in the Hallway

Jackson and I acting like gangsters

Normal Picture of Jackson and I

The Appinelli's and Peter
(Sorry about the glow.. This was a picture of a picture...sigh)

Peter and I

Now this last picture is one of my favorites. It was for the Ball and I decided to be different and wear my lime green converses with the dress

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed my little blog about my trip!!


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