Took this Random Survey... borddom!! =]

Random Survey

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1. Do you carry your cell phone in your pocket or purse?:

2. Do you prefer numbered surveys, surveys that aren't numbered, or do you just not care?:
i dont really care.

3. What was the last food item you purchased?:
Subway! =]

4. What color is your blanket?:
white and pink

5. When was the last time you talked to a stranger?:
everyday aha

6. Does your car have a big trunk?:
dont own a car

7. Which class do you dread?:

8. What was the last Christmas movie you watched?:
Eight crazy nights!

9. Are your parents married?:

10. Do you know anybody who was adopted?

11. Excluding family, who is a male that knows a lot about you?:

12. What are you looking forward to the most at this point in time?:
X-mas and spending time with the fam!

13. Do you love or hate skinny jeans?:
there alright

14. What are some of your bad habits?:
txting... well thats not bad!... dont rly have one

15. Are you wearing earrings right now?:

16. Do you know anybody who wears a hearing aid?:

17. What is your favorite pizza topping?:
Cheese and pepperoniiiii

18. What was the last thing you ordered from a fast food place?:
subway today haha

19. Who did you last miss a call from?:
no one

20. Who was the last person to give you a really big hug?:

21. What's the second letter in your first name?:

22. What time did you go to sleep last night?:
sumwhere between 12 and 2

23. Ever pull an all-nighter?:

24. Do you like Starbucks?:
its alright, but it isnt a tim hortons <3

25. When did you last need a band aid?:
idk a while ago ahaa

26. Do you like the way you look?:
sure =]

27. Did you get a cake on your last birthday?:

28. is there somebody you talk to just to be nice, even if you can't stand them?:
aha yeah

29. Would you ever name your future child after a month or day of the week?:
uh nooo

30. Are you an only child?:

31. What does your name mean?:
no idea and not looking it up

32. What's your favorite zoo animal?:
monkey haha

33. Are you old enough to vote?:

34. Do you like building sand castles?:
sure kinda not really lmao

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