Where is the start. The first time you breath as infant or the first time you dont need air to survive but living has not ended. My name is Mandi. I've been told that it means fitted to be loved. Although as human that never happend although I thought it did but it only led me into my now excistance. He was so kind and gentle and captivated my heart. I would have done anything for him. I was a well respected lady of a very proud afrikaner family. We lived in the Transvaal. My Father was a succesfull farmer and I could have had my pick. But I wanted to wait for that once in a life time feeling. Then the war broke out the dreaded boer war. England wanted our country but we are afrikaans and not willing to budge. All of sudden life changed, Family changed. Now being a girl on a farm i was well trained in the art of shooting and had to keep my mom and smaller sibblings safe while my brother and father went to stand for our believes.

England had a new idea. Because our Brothers and Sons and Fathers were to strong. So they thought if they took the wives and children to concentration camps it will weaken them. But they were wrong this is the Boers you are talking about. It only made us stronger. The camps were death waiting to happen. The Soldiers tried every trick to break our spirits. I lost all my sibblings due to so many illneses. But at my camp there was one who was different his eyes his manners. He captivated me from the start. I thought against my feelings with all i had, how could i love the enemy the one who is stealing my family from me. But i was hopeless it was meant to be or so I thought. I got to know him and he was so kind towards my family with out making it to obvious. We could sit for hours and talk and yet i knew he had a deep secret one i wished he would share. Then I got sick. Even though he made sure i got all the medical attention that was availible it was plain I would never see myself out of this camp. This was going to be my life the few years God allowed for me to enjoy.

I could feel myself give over to death. I was ready. Its was during this time he came to me and shared e his secret with me. Although he hated what happened to him he wanted me to see more. experience more. He gave me the option and all i wanted was to live no matter the cost. Looking back now I dont know if i would make the same choice. But it was my choice and the moment i felt his theeth in my flesh I died and kept on living.

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