No one had any thought of what might take place on this current trip to Voltera.  Aro was making a play for Alice again.  Alice had seen it coming, she had known that he would send someone to try and temp her to join his coven again.  Alice as always had confided in me.  Since she had found me, there had been no secrets between us.  I worked to keep the worry from our family once Renata had shown up in Forks.  She and a few other guards.  Their presence put not only our family on edge but Jacob and all the La Push wolves.  

Alice had our bags packed well in advance.  I always left the packing to her ask she would know what we needed to pack wll in advance of any trip, and picking up things that might have been forgotten or had gotten damaged along the way were never a worry.  

Our arrival felt different than any time we'd been to Voltera before.  There was joy at Alice's arrival. But some caution as well.  The one thing I noticed this time was a stronger smell of humans below the main part of the castle.  All the guards eyes gleamed red.  So I knew they were well fed.  The rooms they had put Alice and I in were closer to the guards, and further away from Edward, Bell, Emmett, and Rosalie. 

Whatever was to come on this trip, we thought we would get through as a family. Together.  Only time would tell what would befall us this time.  

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