Yesterday was my "Friday the 13th."  Not that I believe in superstition, but with all the apprehension built around this day, I figured I would recount my bit of bad luck.  Of course, like all stories like this start, it was a day like any other day.  I got to work at 7 am and went immediately to the task of opening the Garden Center, putting away returns, getting supplies, and watering plants outside.  By 9:45 it was time for break.  I got breakfast, did some incidentals, and went back to work.  By 11:00 I'm in Personnel, filling out paperwork, and being taken to Urgent Care.  Wait, hold up, What?  Yeah!!!  That's what I was thinking too.  Let's back up about 15 minutes. 


After I got off break I started back to watering the houseplants on the tables inside.  Of course, because of the way the Garden Center is built (Half-assed), I made a mess where the plants drip, and thus all over the floor.  So I started mopping up with the squeegee.  I made about 3-4 passes, and the last time I stepped onto the carpet, the whole rug moved out from under my feet.  When I hit the floor, my head hit the resin table on the side of my scalp.  Immediately, I had a knot on my head and I knew that anything to do with my head had to be checked immediately.  I called Kathy over who helped me up and called management.  Cody and Sam made it back there and looked me over and I told them I had previous history of a subarachnoid hemmorage and anything to do with my head had to be checked immediately per nuerologist and family doctor.  They agreed because they could see the large knot forming on my head, and took pictures and took me back to Personnel (HR) to finish paperwork, gather more, take me to Urgent Care for a checkup.  Of course that entails taking a drug test too.  Whatever, I'm clumsy, not high. 


So bottom line short, I got checked out and released, took the drug test, and went back to work.  The picture shows my head right now.  Still swollen, still needs to be iced, but no internal injuries, and I have a followup next week, and a nuerology appt. too. My doctors are going to love this.  Anyone have bubble wrap?  LOL!!!

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Comment by Carlisle Cullen MD on July 13, 2012 at 6:09pm


I'm sorry about your Friday the 13th Mishap! It sounds like you had quite the fall.I'm so glad the doctors checked you out and gave you the ok to return to work. 



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