1.This feisty blonde was recently caught talking on her phone as she dazzled in the sun. Who was it? Rosalie https://thecullensonline.ning.com/photo/he-caught-me-on-the-balcony...

2.This shifting guys life was changed just when his world became whole by his other half. Who is it? Brady

3.What a____? Finish this sentence, who says it and who are they talking about? What a marshmallow? Jacob talking about Mike Newton.

4.What does the title breaking dawn mean? Is in reference to the beginning of Bella's Vampire Life

5.One in the same these red eyed pair are. Who is this in reference to and what day where they born? Jane & Alec December 1, 537 B.C.

6.Often a term for newer vamps this song is on S.Meyers Eclipse playlist. What is the song and who sings it? Newborn by Muse

7. 13 cars and bikes total through out the twilight series. Where can I find a list of these with a slideshow?I need link. http://www.twilightlexicon.com/the-lexicon/cars

8.When a vampire changes these two things become more Acute? hearing eyesight & smell

9.This was the original epigraph in what book?Act III scene ii of Romeo and juliet. Come, gentle night; come, loving, black-browed night;Give me my Romeo; and, when I shall die,Take him and cut him out in little stars. NewMoon

10.This Egyptian duo share a common hobby that like to do to ease the night away. Who is it and what is it they do? https://thecullensonline.ning.com/photo/boogy-nights?context=user

11.Emmett’s hiking and hunting skills came in handy as what has been filling his time this past month? His job at Newtons, training people hunting

12.Which vampire fell in love with the great war of 1914? Link? Edward https://thecullensonline.ning.com/profiles/blogs/an-unmemorable-hol...

13.Finish this sentence and who it refers to- Children of the ___. Children of the Moon. Wolves

14.only 1 character is tagged in over 45 blogs on TCO. Who is it? Jasper

15.One cullen took the my pretty princess phase far one day and wore a tiara and earings. Who and pic? Edward https://thecullensonline.ning.com/photo/nessie-dressing-up-daddy?co...

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