Princess Cricket : the unknown princess

Hello all! I have written a fairytale for young children! It is called Princess Cricket : the Unknown Princess . It is based on the ABC series Once Upon a Time! I do hope you enjoy and please give me reviews!

 I was once a young peasant girl. I was an orphan who roamed my village's streets. I was alone and scared for many years. Then , something happened , something magical , to me at least. I was roaming the streets when I saw a large , black carriage coming towards me. I was scared for my life. It was drawing closer and closer towards me , before it suddenly stopped. I slid onto the side of the road , so I wouldn't become "road kill " . A woman , with long , black hair stepped out of the carriage. She was no ordinary woman , she was the queen , Queen Regina. She stepped close to me and knelt down to my height. I didn't know what was going to happen. A smile appeared on her face. " What is your name child? " , she asked in such a kind , soft voice. I was speechless. Her smile appeared once again on her face , " Child , do not be frightened , I won't harm you." I smiled , "Cricket , my name is Cricket." She laughed softly. She took me under her wing , as if I belonged to her , as if I was someone she could call her "daughter" . A year passed by , I was already 10 years of age , my step sister , Princess Snow White , she was much older than me. She was kind to me , I enjoyed to call her my sister. On the day on my thirteenth birthday , I was officially crowned princess , Princess Cricket. I was adored by many across the land , just like my mother and step sister. Time passed on , life became very different. My mother's husband was tragically killed by a snake bite. I was 14 years old at the time. The night of his death , my mother told me her secrets of the man , the man whom killed the one I called "father" for the past 5 years. She told me to keep quiet of this. On the night of his death , I was sent off to live with a man , a man named Rumplestiltskin. I was terrified for my life. It was only moments ago I was living the life of a princess , now I am living the life of a prisoner. I became close with Rumple. He treated me as if I was his daughter , just like my mother's late husband did. He taught me his ways of making deals. Soon , together , we were both making deals with people left and right. On the eve on my 15th birthday I received news that my step sister was to be married to Prince Charming. That night I set my journey back to my home kingdom to once again live my Princess life. When I arrived the next day , my mother had changed. She had become more evil. I was worried. She told me of the ways that Snow had tried to ruin not only her life , but also mine. My blood began to boil . The woman , whom I loved , and adored , whom I once called my "sister" , had betrayed me. That night I received more despairing news. My dear father-figure , Rumple , had been captured and placed into the dungeons of Snow white and her newly wedded husband's palace. Many monthes went by , about 9 , I was you say.. " depression " . My mother was setting her journey to Snow's place to set the dark curse upon us all. I stepped out onto the balcony of my private chambers on the chilly night. When I looked up into the darkened sky , I took my last breath of my princess life.

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Comment by Aly Evrett on June 1, 2012 at 2:19pm

Why thank you Liam!


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