You would think that, by now, I would be use to this. The fire in my throat egnited, sending the monster into a frenzy. She crushed herself close to me knowing that I would resrain her despite myself. Gently, I pulled my face away from hers. She was always entirely too willing to push her luck. But then again, I couldn't call anything that has happened in the past year luck. My fragile little magnit for distruction. She looked up at me, her lower lip puckered out into a pout. I couldn't help but laugh, just a single chuckle escaping. Perhaps, ignorance was bliss. I flattened the crease between her eyebrows with my thumb. If she had not been my entire world, maybe I could of allowed myself to drift into the ignorant state of happiness with her. But as it was, she was far to important then was for either of our own good.

The pounding of her heart pulsed in my ears . A constant reminder of her fracturable state in comparison to my own. “Bella..” I murmered against her forehead. The thin muscles that were tense only seconds ago went lipm and she sighed, her breath staining the colar of my shirt. Gently, I touched my fingertips to the skin beneath her jaw, tilting my head down to look at her. Slowly her brown eyes found mine. The extremity to hold my breath was profound, suddenly. The fire behind her eyes affluence in comparison to burning of my fingertips against her bare throat. I wanted to speak, to explain the dangers and how no matter how much I desired her it was too uncertain a fait e. The feeling of being lost for words was not something I was use to expierencing. The only moments it has ever occured was in her presence, in attempt to speak to her. I could feel the pull of my own brows as they furrowed together in frustration. I would have to opt for shaking my head, and so I did.

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