I think the biggest question I get from people once they know I am clairvoyant is, “What happens next for me?”


It is only natural to be focused on what is to come of us. I even find myself sometimes all too curious as to what my future holds. Over time I have learned that the present is hardest to stay in however it is the most rewarding to be in if you can only discipline yourself to live in it.


Where do you live most of your life?


Are you in the past? Living out your regrets or pain and finding it hard to live in the moment of today?


Are you in the future? Living out your hopes and dreams of what you wish without taking in where you are at and how far you have already come that lead you to this moment?


When you find yourself stuck in the past or dreaming of only the future, you can miss the small nuances to your present that are rewarding and valuable. Sometimes your present is amazing with major things happening. Sometimes it seems simple and mundane. Sometimes it is painful and stressful.


In all of those good, bad and mundane times, your present is the most true moment on your journey and I encourage you to make a commitment to be present in your moment.


Allowing time in your day to honor your past and anticipate your future is important but try to have those times be brief and a small part of your day. Focus the majority of you day on being present in the moment.


As you do this, I wish you the best on your journey.



Alice xoxo

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Comment by Carlisle Cullen MD on April 28, 2018 at 11:06am

This very true and important. I am one who likes best to live in the moment and let the past stay where it is and the future remain an exciting mystery. 


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