The constant scuurying of creatures on the forest floor was the only thing that was keeping me from falling asleep...or was it the nagging feeling in my gut, like I shouldn't be here, and as much as I wanted it to, it just wouldn't go away. I couldn't quite put my finger on it.  I shook the light mist that had settled on my fur and headed off towards home. No sooner had I dressed, my cell phone began to ring. Frowning I answered it "Hello.?" Hearing Charlie's voice on the other end sent me into instant panic. I knew something wasn't right. His voice filled with concern as he tells me that Shay and Emily had been in an accident and to come to the hospital. My thoughts filling with horrible visions of my wife and daughter. Feeling a sharp pain in my chest, needing to get to them. I undress and tie my clothes to my ankle. Phasing and running as fast as I can towards the hospital. Dressing quickly and running through the doors of the ER. Feeling slight relief when I am met by John and Dr.Cullen who give me a bit of an update. Relieved to hear that Shay wasn't hurt and was asking for me.  The moment I saw and held her, seeing for myself that she was okay, feeling both relieved and guilty for not being there with them, thinking this whole thing might have been avoided had I been there. Shaking those thoughts away and spending time with Shay, keeping her occupied while Dr.Cullen was running tests and looking after Emily. The first day blurred into the second and third, finally Emily was moved to a room. She was so still and peaceful, I was so worried that she wouldn't wake up.. what would I do if she didn't wake up? How would I explain it to Shay? My mind filling with all the horrible what if's. I couldn't handle it and slowly was starting to feel my self coming apart. It wasn't til the afternoon the next day when she woke up that I could finally feel complete relief that she was going to be okay. Dr.Cullen assured us that both Emily and the baby would be okay, but it would take time for Emily's minor injuries to heal. Looking to Dr.Cullen in confusion since Shay had already been cleared to go home. Recognizing our confusion he confirmed that Emily is pregnant and that more tests hadto be done to be sure that the baby will be okay. Emily and I both looked to each other, hoping for the best.. but preparing for the worst. Luckily after the tests and one finaly ultrasound Carlisle reassured us that our baby was healthy. Looking back on it, I know it could have been a lot worse. I consider myself very lucky to have Emily and Shay in my life, as well as our friends who were there to help in any way they could.

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Comment by Blair Mell on January 30, 2013 at 11:11am

congrats on the baby and I am glad she is well


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