This is the dreem I had the other night. It is very wierd. It is like a mix in between the Twilight Saga, The Drake Chronicals, and Night World, the three vampire books I have read recently.With a little Big Time Rush humor.:) 


I arrive at the Henderson's place, which is just out in the vampire world, not that far from Earth.

"Kory!!! What the hell are you doing here!!! You no there is no Humans allowed out here unless a vampire brings you!!!!!!"Logan screams when he sees Im at the door.

"Help me!! PLEASE!! I needed to come. Warewolves are starting to take over Earth. My boyfriend just got turned. He's trying to follow me!!! HELP ME!!!"

Alice appears at the door" Oh god, I knew this was going to happen!! We have to save you! You are like Family!!"

"NO!!! You gotta help the rest of them!!! Oh no, here he comes, let me in let me in before he crosses the boundary and sees the house!!!!"

"Fine, but you have to explain to us why we should save all the other humans. They just like to stake us."

"Ok, you should at least save my best friend. And I kno she would never stake you guys. Oh, and Logan, she wanted me to ask you, do you have a girl.....NOOOOOO LET ME IN!!!! ALEXIS CAN SEE US!!! HES GOING TO ATTACK THE HOUSE!!!!!!"

BootaBob, the security guard comes up to us."Everybody get inside, it seems a warewolf has entered the perimeter and is planning on attacking the house. His plans are to turn all humans into warewolves to take over Earth. We need to put Kory in Nicks room."As he is telling us, he is shoving everybody in the house.

"Wait, my best friend is still down on Earth!!!!!" And right after i said that i get a text from Robin, my Best Friend.*Hey, where are you Human. You need to become one of us:):):)*

"Nevermind, they already got her, and WHAT?!?!?! You cant put me in Nicks room!!!!!! He is soooooo annoying!!!!!"

"Hey, I heard that!!" Nick says from the Kitchen

"Well, it's true!!!" Me, Alice, Logan, Esme, Carlisle, Solange, Stephen, Bootabob, and even Alexis all scream back at him.

Bootabob, doesn't listen to me, and puts me in Nicks room in the 5th room in the basement. In there, I see a whole bunch of pictures of me and a whole bunch of my clothes."What the he..."

"Dont look at anything"Nick yells shoving all the pictures into his desk and pushing all the clothes under his bed.

I look at him, and he's  staring at me, blushing.

"Why do you have a whole bunch of pics. of me and most of my clothes. Well, at least I have clothes while Im here...."

Oh, its um, its nothing. I um I just um keep them umm for safe keeping?"

"Nick, whats going on?" I ask suspicously.

"To tell you the truth, I have liked you ever since ou started hanging out with us when you were 5."

"Well, I have also liked you... I just thought it wasnt real. That why I went out with Alexis. To get my mind off you"


I give him a smile"Yes"

He leans down to kiss me, then all of a sudden Logan bursts through the door, screaming"What did Robin want know???"His eyes are all red, like he has been crying."Woah, did I just inturrupt something?"

"No, we were,, um, nothing!!" We both scream at the same time.

"Um, o....k. Um anyway, what did Robin want to ask me?"Then right then, he sniffles.

"Awe, Logan, whats wrong?" I ask, ignoreing his question.

"Answer the dang question!!!" He snaps.

"Well ok, Mr. Attitude. Robin want me to ask if you have a girlfriend. She REALLY likes you."

I like her to!!!!!" Then he starts  crying really hard."Why does she have to be a dang warewolf now!!!! I was actually goijg to ask you if she had a boyfriend next time I saw you!!!!"

"Awe, Logi, it's ok. She acctually kept on talking and talking and talking 'bout your guy's "Future Wedding""

"He's always talking about a future wedding with her too. It gets really annoying"Nick says as Logan runs up to his room, wailing."Anyway, should we get back to what we were doing before." He asks with a smile.

Then before I can answer, he pulls me up into his arms, kissin me lightly at first, then going deep with passion.Then he pushes me onto his bed, taking off his shirt and coming down after me. Before anything really happens though, Alexis bursts threw te window, trying to scratch Nicks eyes out.

" What the hell are you doing!! She is my girlfriend!!"Alexis yells.

"Woah, Alexis, havent you ever noticed that my mind is somewhere off, away from you when we are together?"

"No, well, yeah. But I just thought it was about your family and how they died to those vampires last year"

"Ok, um, first of all, how did you know that vampires killed them. Second of all, how didMy mind was always on Nick, the one I truly love. And third of all, didn't you get changed by a warewolf???"

"I didn't know about the vampires untill I got bitten. Why are you in love with a vampire when it was vampires that killed your family, and The curse is still working its way into my body, sometimes Im normall, like this, and other times, Im a complete monster."

Just as he said it, he bacame a warewolf.

Out of nowhere, a piece of wood goes flying through the air, aimed right at my head. It turns out it was Alexis who threw it. Nick catches it, although it makes a big gash in his hand, flow blood rapidly everywhere.He throws it back at Alexis. It hits him square in the jaw. Not enough power to kill him, but enough to knock him out for a couple of days.

I look out at him, figureing he well be out for a couple days.

Then I grab a shirt and turn around to wrap it around Nicks hand, and when I look at his hand. there is no mark there whats so ever. I look up art him and all he says is "Vampire powers. Healing fast."


The next few days go by normally, with except for nobody going into the backyard and Nick and I making out everybody on his bed.

Then on Wensday, the next week, Calisle comes over to me."Well, it looks like he should be knocked out for a few more days. We need to go buy some more blood. We're out and if you get hurt during the fight against him, we are all going to lose it and you would be dead like that" He snaps his fingers."So what Im trying to say is, do you think you can stay here while we all go out hunting, and I'll bring more blood home from the hospital. It would take a while,because we have to go down to Earth."

"Yeah, sure, just be careful. Oh and watch Logan, if he sees Robin, he's going to give himself up to the wolves to kill him."

"Ok, so we should be back no later then 9 tonight."


"Be safe"

"Im not the one walking into a death trap."I point out.

"Very true, but still be safe"


"See you soon" He says as they all go out the front door, Nick giving me brief kiss on the way out.


Later, at about 8:30, Alexis woke up.He came charging in the house first thing. I'm in Connors room,using his labtop. I assume its the Henderson's getting back, so I run out into the living room, running right into Alexis.

"Crap, what are yopu doing up!?!?!" I ask him, before I realize he is still in his Wolf form. He goes in for an attack, clawing my shoulder."Ow!" I mutter, as I try to stand up.

I manage to get up, right as he comes back at me, biting my upper arm.I'm about to freak out, when I remember, that he has vampire venom on him, makin him part vampire, so he would be able to change me into my human strength is no match to his vampire/warewolf strength. He leans down, biting my neck. I scream in pain, trying even harder to get him off me. Finally, I get him off me, but I can barely stand up straight from the lack of blood. But he is back into his human form, trying to tell me sorry. I manage to get a stake hidden behind the couch and push him  onto the floor. Then he turns back to his warewolf form, but he see's the pain in my eyes and doesnt struggle. I kneel next to him, raising the stake over my head. Then the Henderson's come into the door, all looking at me in shock. I see Robin with them, and I guess Carlisle has found a way to take the curse off her. I meet her eyes, then I look over and see Nicks eyes, covered in saddness, looking at all my wounds. Then it seems everything is in slow motion.

I look back down and meet Alexis's eyes, filled with regret and saddness.. Everybody is yelling at me to finish him. I close my eyes, then i bring the stake down as hard as I can, aiming for the heart.

Right as the stake hit his heart, I woke up.



I still don't understand the dream. Normally, my dreams make since. Here are the charecters and where each is from.


Robin-Best Friend

Bootabob-Big Time Rush







Logan-Big Time Rush/Drakes

Stephen-Big Time Rush

The name Henderson's-Twilight

The vampire world seperated from Earth-Night World

And Alexis- My Ex-Boyfriend


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Comment by Carlisle Cullen MD on August 25, 2012 at 4:42am

I am sure you woke in a sweat after such a dream! Are all your dreams so vivid and memorable? I don't even recall one dream of mine. It's been so long since I've had one!


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