Trudging along the road from Innishannon to Cork, It seemed a much longer road then what it is now, all those long years ago.  I had overheard a conversation in Innishannon that there maybe work and now that the grandparents had passed away, there was nothing keeping me in the village.  Trying to keep momentum and the horrible thoughts of dying alongside the road at bay.   My only chance at survival was to make it to Cork or maybe Cobh.  Maybe work in a workhouse and either leave Ireland myself or stay and figure out how to keep alive.


I packed the few items to keep as tokens of remembrance of my grandparents and the small sum of money that my grandmother had stashed away for me when the time came.  I tried to eat as much as I could as I knew it would be a long walk and a long time before I would eat again but with the meager crops we had had there wasn’t much to eat for anyone. 


Trying to keep my mind focused on walking and keeping my pace.  I had passed a brutish looking group of men.  Thank goodness they continued walking and not noticed me. So, I kept walking and walking, I had just passed through Ballinghassig and spotted this strange couple.  I wasn’t quite sure what to make of them.  They seemed older than their appearance and more beautiful than any human should be.


They stopped to talk with me. I looked from Liam to Siobhan and then back to Liam. Such beauty they could not be real.  They must be angels or something else entirely.


“Nach bhfuil tú an duine atá tú?” I said in Gaelic. (You are not human are you?)

They replied, “Aon lassie”. (No lassie)

 “Ansin, cad bhfuil sibh?” I asked. (What are ye?)

Siobhan replied, “Tá muid vampires” (We are vampires)


I sat down on a rock on the side of the road and pondered this conversation.  They are vampires.  I was always told vampires were horrible and disfigured creatures.  Lost souls.  These creatures did not seem like the lost souls that I had imagined.


“Creidim go labhraíonn tú an fhírinne,” I said to them. (I believe you speak the truth)

“Cad is ainm duit?” asked Siobhan. (What is your name?)

“Is é mo ainm Maggie O'Shea,” I said quickly. (My name is Maggie O’Shea)

Siobhan asked, “Inis dom Maggie O'Shea, ba mhaith leat a bheith linn?”


I saw Liam grab Siobhan’s arm and saw a glint of apprehension flit across his eyes.  I wasn’t sure what it meant but it definitely seemed serious to him. I heard him ask her if she was certain about having me join their family.


“bhí ag argóint tú mar gheall orm?” I asked (were you arguing about me?). Remembering the conversations that my parents and grandparents had had over me.  Eagerly wanting a family who wanted me but not want any fighting over me either.  Not wanting any of my truthfulness to be a burden to them.


Siobhan replied, “Aye”

“He doesn’t like me does he?” I asked hope of a new family waning in my heart.

Siobhan shook her head and laughed, “Ní dhéanann sé a fhios agat, ná a dhéanamh I. Ach is é an rud mór a shaol bás a fháil a thairiscint go ceann eile. Beidh sé claochlú painful agus deacair agus an chéad bhliain ar do shon. Ach beidh muid ag do thaobh agus tú a threorú.” (He doesn’t know you, nor do I. But it is a big thing to offer immortal life to another. It will be a painful and difficult transformation and first year for you. But we will be at your side and guide you.)


I reply with a smile, “Go raibh maith agat Liam agus Siobhán do do macántacht. Creidim féidir liom mian leo a bheith ina vampire agus a bheith mar chuid de do theaghlach.” (Thank you Liam and Siobhan for your honesty.  I believe I do wish to become a vampire and be part of your family.)


I asked for a quiet moment to pray for my family and their souls and for the passing of my mortal life.  They waited patiently for me to finish my last moments of humanity.


We moved away from the road and found an old group of altar stones, once used by the Druids. This became my last resting place.  Then Siobhan bit me and I felt the life start to flow out of me.  I trusted her to make me into a vampire.  I knew she would stop and my human life would be over.  Then the burning started. I was thankful we were out away from the villages as I believe my screams could have waked the dead that night.  Then the burning and pain stopped and all was quiet. 


I noticed a burning sensation in my throat as I opened my eyes and saw the world clearer than before.

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Comment by Charlie Swan on April 12, 2014 at 3:32pm

Your will is strong, Maggie. You knew what you wanted and still to this very day, you know exactly what you want and you'll stop at nothing to achieve it. I am proud to be part of your life. You bring a brightness to Siobhan and I that no other ever has.


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