Have you ever felt like you were so confused that you couldnt do anything right? Well, thats what life is like for me.Just here recently I messed big time and now im paying for. I may of hurt the only guy that ever cared about me for some jerk. Ive never messed up this bad. Ive been in alot of "relationships" and Ive never messed one up this bad. Now, I can never get the guy i really want back because of some jerk. -places hand on head- And now the jerk is dating my bestfriend...again. Along with my other friend we are in a love triangle with a totally different guy. Ive messed up so bad I can never fix it. I miss him so much. i need help. Please, if you could, give me some advice? -shakes head in disgrace- I dont know what to do.

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Comment by McKenzie Blake Underwood on June 19, 2009 at 8:49am
thanks Kristin, that really helped
Comment by Kristin Cullen on June 19, 2009 at 8:23am
I've been there. If the guy you want is willing to talk it out, not forgive you (yet) but talk about it then there is hope. I thought I'd screwed up so bad I'd just leave him alone but he's the one that wanted to talk & we've made it work. You have to forget about what everyone else says, even though you ask for advice it's totally up to you whether you want things to work out. In my experience there was something missing from my relationship that I thought I could get from someone else & was WRONG! Of course you're in no position to bargain yet, just be patience. If he asks for space give it to him, but let him know you are willing to work through it all.


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