Just a little something I thought and Jotted down while sitting on the porch swing

The sidewalk glitters from the high hanging light like silver blue lighting. And the distant cars headlights light up the ever so precious rain like dripping sunshine. The chilling wind blows my hair with the promise of the storm my blood can feel...and craves. With a sigh my chin falls to my knees that are comfortably pulled up into the light blue lawn chair on which I sit. The night is already so dreamlike in her beauty without the storm. And the rain makes her even more so in a surreal way I don't often get to indulge in. Lighting strikes somewhere in the distance, lighting up the silhouetted yard and surrounding trees. Not in the way the garish light from the sun does. differently.... Not often do i get to let the older part of me release from the old, worn pages of a drawer shut up in the back of my mind. do you like to read my thoughts?

Do they enchant you in ways books cannot? Fiction is a passion of mine, and o' do i love to live in my novels, but this is not a fiction, it is real live feed from the brain of an old soul like yourself. I know you are near, why dost thou keep thyself from thee? Do you remember the way we used to talk in those days? Sitting here so peacefully i am able to remember that time more clearly. You are out there beyond the road and dark trees aren't you?

Watching me watching you.

I know also that the night belongs to something else completely. something magical that is not to be tampered with. Nay it is not safe for humans to wander through the night. For that is reserved for beings such as you. I ask thee, hast thou turned evil since our time together? I surely hope not. For evil is something I do not dance the pretentious twirl of civility with. Perhaps you are not there at all. And I am a lunatic rambling in thought.

But if you do exist, you know I am different. I am not like the other humans skulking about life. Why do you wait to answer me? Please appear to be in human form if you are not of that form already. And are you trying to frighten me now? To see if I can handle so cosmically important a thing? That is not wise indeed on your part, it is in fact a crime to keep such a thing from me. A crime to whom? Destiny.

Do not wait to much longer, for mine patience is wearing thin in this land of dark history and evil past. I am losing my grip on the burned stake of our memories, now embers, and are quick returning to not normal, nay not that, but my usual longing state. Be quick, and light onst thou feet, for I feel you are only a short breath away....

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