Tourist season keeps us busy here in Forks. There are a lot of hiking trails and camping places around here . While for the most part, it is a boost to our local economy, in other ways it just brings in a whole shipload of stupidity.
Tourist season is nicknamed "Idiot Season" around here for a reason.
This area has much to offer the outdoorsy type but it's not your typical outdoors. We have thick forests here that most people are not used to. The foliage is different and so are the trails. People get cocky and go off trail, get lost and hell, are you expecting to have good cell service out here in the middle of nowhere? Not happening. The cell service here is shoddy at best in town. When you hit the trails, you can be sure your phone will be useless except for the camera use. 
Do not rely on your phone's GPS when you are up here in Forks. It's not gonna work and you're gonna be stranded in the middle of the forest and then you'll be racking up the fees when we have to send, not only the Park Rangers out to find your ass but also the Forks PD and the volunteer rescue service. 
Learn how to read a map. Take the map from the trail head and don't lose it. 
Stay ON THE TRAILS and don't be a yahoo and go off trail trying to be cool and take a goddamned selfie on the edge overlooking the ocean. Heights + Selfies + Cliffs = DEATH. Do not be a moron. Make everyone's life easier, will ya? Stay the hell on the trail and don't be a knob.

I've already had a few calls from panicked people about their missing family members. I am sick and tired of these calls. 
If you're going to be a moron, go somewhere else because that won't be tolerated here. If we catch you breaking the law, we will prosecute to the fullest extent possible. 

With that said... happy trails! Enjoy your time here and stay out of trouble.

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