Dear Alice.


My family and I had just moved away from Forks. Jasper had lost control on Bella’s Birthday when she suffered a paper cut. It was too close for comfort and we needed to make sure that it would never happen again.


My visions showed me how devastated Bella would be when Edward and our family left her behind but I could have never imagined or visioned that she would not recover.


Days passed by as we moved. I kept an eye on Bella through my visions. Seeing her curled up fluctuating between numbness and pain. She stopped living. It was as if her soul had left her and only left a shell behind. Edward was no better. His pain was excruciating without her. Never had I been more persuaded that these two people were designed to be one.


Bella began emailing me daily. She emailed me about her pain, she emailed me about her day, she emailed me with a plea. I closed my email account in hopes that she would move on and that I would not have to read her pain. The account was closed in vain.


My visions showed that she kept emailing me every day even though the email was being returned to sender. She continued to hope even through her pain and void. Through my visions, try as I might to ignore them..I could read and see every email and every tear. I could see her nightmares and devastation every moment of every day.


As the months passed, I began to feel a loss of hope. There was not talking to Edward. Even though his world had ended and his pain matched her if not magnified her, he wanted her safety above all else.


Edward soon moved from the family to deal with his pain, my visions showing he did not want to live in a world where he was apart from Bella. As he planned his demise despite any of our attempts to talk sense into him, Bella kept tempting fate with dangerous acts in the name of getting Edward back if even for just a moment.


It was useless and beyond hopeless to see a vision that had a happy ending. Our family and lives as we all knew it would never be the same without Edward coming back home and Bella joining us.


Minutes turned to hours, hours turned to days and days to months when all at once my visions came to head. Edward thought Bella was dead and Edward was planning to have the Volturi end his life.


I could not sit by a moment longer as I headed back to Forks, collected Bella and brought her to Italy to force a meeting with Edward. It was their time, it was their destiny and once this was pulled off..their future together was mended and bright.


My visions came true as all were restored and their path together was joined.


Never before have I ever believed in love or a soul mate as I have from being apart of Edward and Bella’s story. 

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