Never in my entire existence up until now did I ever think that I would change the day I become a mother...  almost 3 years ago my first daughter was born and now my second is almost 6 months old and boy has time changed!


I think though even though my children are biologically mine, I can most certainly see how mothers such as Sue Clearwater, Esme and Bella  Cullen and Sulphicia and Athena Volturi can feel the way they do about their "children".  Being a mother makes you see life so differently and makes you appreciate so many moments that you thought that you never would.


It's almost as if something inside you awakens and you become so much more protective and clearer as to what you want in life and how you want to go about doing it.  Although being a mother is never an easy task and it most certainly has its challenging times, you never stop loving those who look to you for advice, support and love.  A child whether it has come from you or put in your care, solely relies on you for all that comfort and reassurance and it can be bonded to you so easily but even the littlest of scoldings can have its world come crashing down on them.  When I look at my children today, I can't help but think how much things have changed in me and those around me.  How much I have learn't and how much I still have to learn!


When I do take time to look at what I have, I do wish that time could just be frozen as it is now.  Never to be put in a situation to lose what I have, never to lose my children, never to have to face anything happening to them.


Yes, being a mother, does so many things to you.  Many which you don't expect until they happen...


To all the mothers out there... thank you for what you are!

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Comment by Carlisle Cullen MD on November 26, 2011 at 7:10am


You are so very right. When you become responsible for someone else it's a whole new ballgame, so to speak. Things you never even thought about now become obvious. Your whole life changes as you see things through their perspective. My children are not mine biologically nor did I have them when they were young but even though that's the case, they have changed me drastically and I would do anything to keep them from harms way. 

Thank you for sharing, I am sure Esme, Emily, and Sue, Tiffany and Renee would have a lot in common with you!



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