About a week ago I went with Emily up to the hospital for her check up and another ultrasound. We have still been quite worried and concerned for the baby since the accident. I'm afraid that if we get our hopes up, something will happen and the baby will be gone. It's been scary for both us, but much more so for Emily. She tries so hard not to let it bother her, but I can tell it does.  Anyway, as we looked at the baby in the ulatrasound, saw the heartbeat, and saw for ouselves that the baby was growing, we felt a little more sure that it was going to be okay.  Dr.Cullen assured us that the baby is healthy and everything is progressing normally. It just made us feel like we didn't need to worry so much, and that we could just be happy and excited. Also, having a toddler who is adjusting to the idea of not being the baby has been a bit difficult. Ayasha knows there is a baby coming, but I don't think she'll understand completely until she sees the baby. So Emily and I decided that we'll bring her with us to the next appointment and hopefully that will help her understand and relieve some of her fear of not being the baby or not getting attention from either Emily or myself. It's kind of cute how much of a mother hen Shay has been since we told her Emily was pregnant. She likes to put a blanket over Emily's tummy and tuck it under Emily's back when she and Shay lays down for a nap, and she wants to get snacks and water in case the baby gets hungry or thirsty.  It's been quite the learning experience so far for all of us.

  Emily and I have decided that since this will be our last baby, we're are hoping for a boy this time, but as long as it's healthy, it doesn't matter

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Comment by Blair Mell on March 28, 2013 at 2:43pm

Aww I thought you were going to have more but a tip of the trate boys are way harder then girls we are easier (until we get in our teens) *laughs* Anyway Congrats on the baby and for you sake (since you want a boy) I hope it is a boy


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