I sit here in this strange house, away from my home in Voltera. Away from my family.  Alone on a fools mission.  Sent away by Master Aro, though this is a far kinder punishment than what Master Caius would have given out. 

I have taken several weeks to travel to my first destination.  Avoiding human contact as much as I can.  Aro sent me to track down someone. This mission may only be rumors, or may be nothing at all.  Just to get Corin and I apart.  Felix has sent me text messages telling my my things are all back in my renovated chambers.  

There are ties that bind me to my Masters.  Ties that seem far to strong for any to break except the one that placed them there. And this time away alone has left me with far too much time to think.  No doubt upon my return Chelsea will strengthen those bonds again, ensuring my loyalty to my Volturi family. 

This away time, this fools mission has left me thinking far too much about an event that happened a few years back.  One that since I saw him, I could not get out of my head. I can close my eyes and picture it clearly.  Amun stood with the Cullens.  Kebi by his side.  His forever shadow.  To see her there with him would be expected.  But I had not expected to see Amun there.  I can still remember the lengths he went through to protect and hide me from Aro and the rest of the Volturi. It was enough of a shock to see them there, but to see two more with him.  That added to the shock I felt at that moment.  I will be able to track down the two that were there with Amun and Kebi should I wish to find them.  

I had taken the long route here.  Passing through the country of my birth. Greece had changed much since I was but a small boy growing up here. There is nothing left of the farm I grew up on. I made my way from Greece through the country side towards Egypt. Hiding out during the day, scouting at night. It was easy enough to acquire new clothing to blend in more.  It had been far too long since I had been here.  At one point in my life I called this home.  Parts of the city had not changed.  It was easy enough to located Amun's home while I scouted the city. And to learn the ones with him were Ben and Tia. I wondered if Amun had been brave or careless enough to create Ben. 

While I could not say no to Aro about this mission I had some reservations for why he had sent me.  Was it simple to check that Amun was still following our rules?  Or was there something more to his plan.  I had learned early on in my days with him not to question his decisions.  The longer I was there the less I questions and the more I just followed out his commands.  He kept our family safe. If we were safe why should I question his motives. 

But this journey now had me questioning myself. I was curious about the life I had left behind.  I was curious about these two new ones with Amun.  Was Kebi as jealous of them as she had been of me? 

For now I watch, learn and report back to Aro. 

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