35 Ways to get kicked out of Mc Donalds!

1. Walk in and demand that they give you a Whopper

2. Walk up to the counter and stand there for 5 minutes going “I’ll have
the…no…ummm….you know what I’ll have the…no never mind…huh…”

3. Ask for exactly 53 fries with your order and if they say no scream, “YOU ARE A RACIST!”

4. Go in the drive through and say “Hello, may I take your order?” and act like you are taking the cashier’s order

5. Walk through the drive-thru, yet pretend that you are in a car. (I have done this lol)

6. Stand at the toy display case with your face pressed against it and say “OoooooOooo! I want that!” over and over

7. When they give you your order yell, “WHERE’S MY TOY!”

8. Sing your order in the drive-thru

9. Drive in circles through the drive through, knocking on the window each time saying “Hi.”

10. Run in through the door, into the center of the room and scream, “WHERE’S RONALD!!!!!!”

11. Order a burger and eat it in front of the cashier, re-enacting the
Bubble Bass episode of Spongebob where he “forgets” to add pickles to
the Krabby Patty.

12. When you get to the cashier say, “Yes I’ll have a number…” and make up numbers that aren’t on the menu.

13. Ask for Pepsi and if they ask if Coke is okay yell, “NO! COKE IS NOT

14. Walk up to the register and poke the cashier’s face and say, ”Teehee!” every time you poke it.

15. Walk in with Burger King meal and casually eat it.

16. Bring in a huge tub and fill it with soda from the fountain and if anybody approaches you, make animal noises.

17. Walk into the lady’s/men’s room (guys go into the lady’s room and girls
go into the guy’s room” and if anybody asks you why you are in there
say, “I got all the plastic surgery and hormones, I just need to get
these/this replaced…” and point to your crotch.

18. Jump from table to table

19. Walk in with stocking on your face, a name tag with a fake first and
last name on it, and a pillow case and yell, “GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY!”
in a different language. If the cashier understands the language than
call them a “beautiful angel and a butterfly” in the language. Then,
pull out a filled squirt gun, say “You had your chance!” and squirt it
at everybody

20. Go outside to the window where they give you food wearing a glove that looks like a demon’s hand or something else
scary. Hide under it and every time that somebody reaches out to get
their food grab their arm and make demonic noises

21. Hide in bushes near the drive thru and hop on the backs of cars while they
drive by. Then, every time that they drive by a window, wave with a
creepy smile.

22. Walk into the place wearing an insane costume and act like there is nothing wrong. Order your food and every time
that somebody stares/ looks at you, yell “What?”

23. Eat your food and suddenly, cough. Then, act like you are having a seizure,
clutch your chest/throat, and make horrific noises. If anybody asks if
something is wrong say, ”Yes…I…just found out…that…*cough*…Michael
Jackson’s dead..” than gag really loud, start to cry and run to the
bathroom, preferably the bathroom of the opposite sex.

24. Walk into the bathroom. Wait five minutes, then, rub a chocolate bar all
over the back of your pants and rub it in so that it looks like it sank
through your underwear, onto your pants. Then, walk out into the middle
of the room with some of it all over your hands and yell, “Excuse me!
There is no more toilet paper!’

25. Sit next to a random person and eat their food.

26. Go into the bathroom, into a stall and start making really load noises
and grunts yelling, “OH YAH! OOOOOOOOH YAH!” loud enough so that people
outside can hear.

27. Enter the restaurant like an inchworm, inching on the floor all the way to the register, than order from the floor.

28. Walk into the center of the room, pretend to dial a number on your
phone, then have a really loud conversation on it for half an hour. If
an employee says anything to you say “Shh! I’m on the phone!”

29. Walk up to the cashier looking ragged and pathetic. Use dark eye shadow
to create dark bags under your eyes. Sniffle then say, ”Ronald..he..he
did bad things to me!” then start crying hysterically.

30. Walk up to the cashier, point at them and start laughing like a maniac.

31. Go into the restaurant with a friend. Enter from different sides of the
restaurant wearing cowboy outfits. Taunt each other inside of Southern
accents then have a stand-off

32. Walk in dressed up like Hannah Montana and start singing, “The Best of Both Worlds” and at the end

33. Enter wearing a speedo or a bakini and do the “Jerk” or some other strange dance.

34. Run in panting and yell, “THE ZOMBIES! THEY’RE COMING!” Then scream and proceed to run around the restaurant in circles.

35. Dress up like a waiter and go to each table, asking for orders, then
bring them to the cashiers. Bring friends to be waiter’s as well.

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Comment by Vicky on March 29, 2010 at 5:42pm
Hahaha! Pauline that was epic!
Comment by Stefanie Amanda on March 29, 2010 at 2:34pm
BAHAHA! This literally made me laugh our loud!
Comment by Carmen Denali on March 28, 2010 at 5:36pm
Awwww Pauli,
I have no words my dear friend, and if I could cry, then I'm sure I would have tears streaming down my face, you make me smile and laugh and I'm so very grateful that you are my friend.



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