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Well I have a problem. My file won't open so here is my apoligy:

ALICE CULLEN-Sorry that i haven't been here for you. Or given you your wedding present. I feel awful about that neither tho it's so silly. Your my best friend and sister.

TAIGA ROGERS-Sorry I haven't been there to give you a shoulder to lean on when you needed it. My little sister probably does :))))))). Know that i lubs you and will be here when ever i can.

BRANDON-You know that… Continue

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scavenger hunt

pic of jasper in glasses

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Maybe it's just the way we feel when our mates smile at us or wink. What about the way they laugh or just the long and true talks we have with them? Well this blog is for anyone who found their soulmate. I have fallen in love already with my soulmate Jeff but we all start to have doubts when you reunite with old friends and lost memories. So what to do when you already found your soulmate but think you have two? Weigh out the differences or try talking about the same topic with each and see… Continue

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sweeettt! Don't even lie and say that this isn't the cutest thing ever

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Alice and Jasper Whitlock

Best cullen family couple? I think so cuz well they are the adorablest, atractivest, and funnest cullens! Alice and Jasper are soulmates and desreve to be voted as prom king and queen! Vote Alice and Jasper and they won't disapoint you! *Winks and Giggles*! -Emy Hardy

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