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Bear Hugs and Family Life

 Rosalie brought us Emmett, and he had her completely wrapped around his finger, although to most it looked to be the other way around. When she found him near death and he referred to her as his angel that was all it took to remove the honed edge she had lived on since Carlisle turned her. With Emmett at her side, she began to focus on new dreams, putting the old ones away, somewhere deep. Emmett seemed to bring a new life and vitality to the whole family, his curiosity, quick smile, and…


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Begin Again

With Edward’s return, Carlisle felt it was time for us to move on. The danger, he explained, was in staying in one place for too long. Since we did not change, there was a limited amount of time we could afford in one locale. Since Edward and I appeared more alike that he and Carlisle, we chose to say that Edward and I were siblings.  Carlisle applied to a few hospitals and when he went to interview with them, I would scope out the houses for sale, looking for something suitable for our…


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The Way It Should Have Been

We chose to be married on December 31, 1921. We thought it the best way to end out what, for me, had been a bad year. Edward stood as witness with us at the Justice of the Peace, the JP’s wife as our second. I carried purple orchids and wore a short dress, not quite a flappers dress but in a similar fashion, with lace accents. I wish I could tell you what Carlisle wore, but I was so entranced by the happiness on his face I don’t remember. There were no pictures of him, just one pose of me,…


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