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Save Me

I'm loud.

I'm quiet

I have Tats.

My skin is pure

My hair is purple and black.

My hair is blond.

I live with my dad.…


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This is to all my roots, my true friends.

A Tree stands tall and proud,

but not on its own.

The Leaves of a tree,

come and go, as season change and weak wind blows.

The branchs by stay study,

but a hard enough wind, and down they go.

But deep in the earth,

the roots hide, but hold the tree up tall.

the wind may blow and blow but they never let…


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Small's Blog Challange

1. What is your real name? Lindsey Nicole Sullivan

2. What is your real age? 17

3. Post a picture of your real self.

(see my pic album homecoming)

4. Where do you really live?Elizabethtown, Pa, USA.

5. Do you have any real siblings, spouse, or children? Name them and their ages. I have my sister Grace, she's 15, a step brother Brett 25 and a step sister Debra 26

6. Do you really have your license? What kind of car do you really drive? no. but I will…


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Lady Grinning Soul

1. Copy and put on your blog, take my answers off and enter your own.
2. Put your , Media Player, Ipod, Mp3 etc. on shuffle.
3. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. YOU MUST WRITE THAT SONG NAME DOWN NO MATTER HOW SILLY IT SOUNDS._______________________________________________________________


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My Grandma, My Best Friend, My Angel

My Grandma, she was my best friend. I could tell her any thing and she wouldn't yell at me or tell me what I should do. She would just listen. In January of 2009 she was told she hand lung cancer, it was the second time, the first time she had cancer they removed the tumor it was in, I was about 6 when that happend.

She had one round of cemo therphy.

I went to go see her Wednesday Febuary 2, 2009. My cousin had a basketball game so we wne to…


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I remember my First Ballet recital, I was 7 years old takeing Ballet and Tap. When your that age you don't get nerves about a recital. When I was 7 I my main concern was making my dad proud of me, so on top of ballet i took t-ball(that was a stupid idea but hey i was 7) so after he showed up late I quit dancing till I 16.

Okay, this was my first big Ballet recital, (I'm the really tall one in the middle)anyone that knows the Sound of Music knows that the song…


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I recently had to read this for school, its about this guy who has never had a chance to know who he is, only what the world leaders tell him he should be, and its got me thinking a lot about who I am, and how far am I welling to go to be me, how far will I go to find love and at what cost.

So I'm going to write who I am, but I've had poety stuck in my head so i thought I would take a creak at


small, dark hair, and bright eyed…


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Ballet dream

Sitting In Class of close my eys.

I open them, I'm not in school but on stage.

I look in front of me, I look around

the place is packed waiting on my to dance.

The music starts,

I feel it flow though me.

I begain to dance.

It is as Easy as breathing.

I feel my heart…


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Daddy, One Question

Daddy Tell me why,

you make mommy cry.

Tell me why,

you left us here

Tell me why,

you moved away and change your address.

Tell me why,

you married some one new.

Tell me why,

you love work more then…


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Broken Heart

We fell in love.

You broke my heart.

It lasted all Summer.

You Broke my Heart.

You drifted away.

You Broke my Heart.

We barely talked.

You Broke my Heart.

You came over one day.…


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Not Good Enough

I loved you,

But it wasn't enough.

I trusted you,

But it wasn't enough.

I gave you everything

But it wasn't enough.

I told you everything

But it wasn't enough.

I let you in,

But it wasn't enough.

I love you,

But its not enough.

I trust…


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Empty Life

With Everyday that pass by,

myself I feel slowly die.

My love for you will never pass.

Now any empty mass,

has replace my heart.

As seasons go and go,

my life slowly flows.

As I think of all the time,

I called you mine.…


Added by Lindsey "Littlebit" Sullivan on October 1, 2010 at 8:26pm — 1 Comment

My Life

My Sweet Love,

I lied to you when I say I didn't love you.

But you see it was the only way,

To protect you from this crazy thirst.

My Sweet Love,

Oh, How I miss you.

For hurting you, I'll always pay,

leaving you I'll always curse.

My Beloved Dear,

I miss the way we kiss.

I miss the watching you sleep.

I miss our love.

My Beloved Dear,

To go to you I wish.

I silently weep,

The loss of my Life, when we… Continue

Added by Lindsey "Littlebit" Sullivan on October 1, 2010 at 8:06pm — 1 Comment


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