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Happy Fathers day?

IHappy Fathers day right? No. I don't want to be happy today, or tomorrow, or anyday, I just want my grandpa my papa. I just want to curl up on his lap smiling when he laughs and he's beer gut jiggles like jello, or have him show me how to shoot a gun, one of the lucky grandkids that he tought himself. Then at night fall alseep to him snoring(loudly). So i guess to other people, Happy Fathers day.

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A Timeless Beauty, you will be missed


Elizabeth Taylor, classic beauty, fashion icon, and violet eyes. Liz Taylor passed away March 23, 2011 at the age of 79. Well known for her roles in Cleopatra, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, and BUtterfield 8. She was a big supporter in AIDS research.
  Though she is also well known for her many marriages,8, including…

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Fragile heart

From the moment i said,

i love you

you've had my heart.

please take care of it,

its has been broken

and scared.

i want you to be the one,

the one who fixes it,

and never gives it back.

my cheeks are stained 

with tears that match,

match the scares on my heart.

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So Scared I'll say no

I don't want to be my parent, I want to say yes but I'm so scared we'll end up like my parents. He hasn't asked yet, but he says when he gets out of the army he will. I know we're not my parents, but thats all I've know about marriage, you get married cause your in love, you have kids then one day the one says you know what, I don't love you anymore, so I'm leaving. Then the kids think its they're fault. My mom has gotten 2 divorces, I can't put my kids though…

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Daughter to Father


"Never, leave me alone to pick up the pieces.
Daddy to hold me, that's what I needed...

So,why'd you have to go?

Why'd you have to go?

Why'd you have to go?

Daughter to father, daughter to father!

I don't know you, but I still want to.

Daughter to father, daughter to father!

Tell me the truth, did you ever…

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Perfectly Me


I am



Night owl




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3 years

I can't believe its been 3 years. You know I've heard "don't worry, Lindsey, it gets easier". Easier, when? cause it still hurts just thinking about her. It hurts worse when I think how she won't be there when at Thanksgiving in Mayo, when my older cousin Ashley gets married, or when I get married.

My Grandma made thanksgiving, thanksgiving in Mayo, it hasn't been the same without her. I remember one year, we had a boys against the girls but I was on the boys sides cause I fight like…


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I love you more

 I don't want to miss a thing

    Cause when I'm not with you its hard to breath.

You make me fall in love again

     Every time you look at me.

The way you make me feel,

      is nothing I've ever felt before. 

Everything I do

Is so I can be better for you.

Thinking of you,

     every moment of everyday.

You are the best thing thats ever been mine,

     no matter what comes my way.

I run to…


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Black and White No More



The silient streets filled

with hate, pain, and love.

Their silent words

fallon ears that do not care.


Standing in the middle of the street

they hold each other close.

Words of I love you,

fall from their lips.


Rain falls from the sky,

soaking them from head to toe.

The colors of their skin

melt from their faces.


Colors swirl…


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How do you say L-O-V-E?





Is it the way they kiss good night?

Is it the way they hold you in your arms?

Is it the way he looks at you?

Is it the way he says your name?

How do you say L-O-V-E?


The flowers you get on your desk?

The ring that you get when he want to make you his forever?

The way he takes out to the movies and yanws and wraps is arm around…


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Johnstown Flood- Interview

the Johnstown flood was a a major flood that happen in PA. it killed 2,800 people in under 10 minutes. This is the writing project I did after it.

                                           One of the Steel Mill workers

Pits. Time(Pittsburg Times)- Mr. Smith, how much did you loss in the Flood?

                      -Mr.Smith fiddles with his hands looking down at them-

Mr.Smith- Everything. My home, my belongings, my -voice breaks- children,…


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Eyes of my killer

I push my legs.

   Faster! Faster!

My mind is screaming.

My lungs are burning.

My legs give up.


I collaspe in the cool earth.

The leaves crunch.

The wind blows.

I hear his steps.

I look into his eyes.

The eyes of my killer.

my eyes.





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Our Love

He tells me,

     Our love,

         will last forever.

              Our love,

                is the kind people dream of.

                   Our love,

                      is a fairytale.

                        Our love,

                             will never die.

                                 Our love,

                                    is magical.



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His Eyes

His eyes are dark brown.

His eyes I could look at for hours.

His eyes shine though his pain.

His eyes hold my world.

Hi eyes reflect his heart.

His eyes.

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   His eyes....

shine briter then the stars.

   His kiss...

soft, warm, safe, loveing.

   His hair...

I could run my fingers though it all day.

   His smile....

welcomes you, shows you love, and you smile too.







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Please Don't Leave Me



I scream and shout!

I cry and cry.

I beg and try,

to stop your leaving.


You block me out.

You keep on packing.

You don't care,

you just got to leave.


You get in the car.

I run outside.

You pull to the street.

I run after you.



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Grandpa Sullivan

Dear Grandpa(or anyone who's reading this),

I was your sunshine. You were my papa. You were my only grandpa I ever met, and I won't have it anyother way. When Grandpa died, something in you died, it wasn't and till I read a comment on Ashley's facebook, your sweetheart died. I was so mad at God that he took you on Christmas of all day's, but then I relized thanks to the comment^, you couldn't stand being away from her anouther year. You went though 2 years with out her, and we all…


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This video, yes its cute, yes its funny but it brings the meaning of Cristmas in moden times. The Christmas Story, and now not the "Twis the Night Before Christmas" or "You'll Shoot You Eye Out" Christmas story, but "And she gave birth to her first born son. And Layed him in a manger because there was no room for them in the inn". 

How can you have Chirstmas without the Christ, an Xmas, or the Horlidays. Now, its not the same. You can't have…


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Dr. Maya Angelou and Sojourner Truth

Dr. Maya Angelou; a poet, playwriter, dancer, actress, civil rights activist, a women.

Sojourner Truth; author, abolitionist, a slave, a women.

Dr. Maya Angelou wrote: Still I rise, Why the Cage Bird Sings, Phenomenal Woman, and many others.

Sojourner Truth worte: Ain't I a Women.

This to AFRICAN AMERINCA women are 2 of my heros.…


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My Eyes

My eye's our Brown.

They tell a story

I've been hurt.

I've been loved.

My eye's are Blue.

They are window's

Window's to my life

All the pain and love.

My eye's are green.

They a mirror.

They show who I am

And who I was.…


Added by Lindsey "Littlebit" Sullivan on November 24, 2010 at 9:00am — 1 Comment


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