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Grandpa Sullivan

Dear Grandpa(or anyone who's reading this),

I was your sunshine. You were my papa. You were my only grandpa I ever met, and I won't have it anyother way. When Grandpa died, something in you died, it wasn't and till I read a comment on Ashley's facebook, your sweetheart died. I was so mad at God that he took you on Christmas of all day's, but then I relized thanks to the comment^, you couldn't stand being away from her anouther year. You went though 2 years with out her, and we all…


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This video, yes its cute, yes its funny but it brings the meaning of Cristmas in moden times. The Christmas Story, and now not the "Twis the Night Before Christmas" or "You'll Shoot You Eye Out" Christmas story, but "And she gave birth to her first born son. And Layed him in a manger because there was no room for them in the inn". 

How can you have Chirstmas without the Christ, an Xmas, or the Horlidays. Now, its not the same. You can't have…


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Dr. Maya Angelou and Sojourner Truth

Dr. Maya Angelou; a poet, playwriter, dancer, actress, civil rights activist, a women.

Sojourner Truth; author, abolitionist, a slave, a women.

Dr. Maya Angelou wrote: Still I rise, Why the Cage Bird Sings, Phenomenal Woman, and many others.

Sojourner Truth worte: Ain't I a Women.

This to AFRICAN AMERINCA women are 2 of my heros.…


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