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Thoughts on Sarah

Growing up, I had few friends. My parents didn’t approve of most of them, and wouldn’t let me have or go on sleepovers or outings. I hated it, it made me the outsider. As I got older I learned ways around their disapproval, and made a few friends, but no one really close. Even within my family, my cousins were not allowed to get too close.


So when I got to La Push, it was like a curtain had been drawn back and sunshine was finally allowed in. One of the first people to…


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My Parents

From the very first moment I found out that I was pregnant with Embry, I promised one thing. That he would always know he was wanted and loved.

My parents were not warm, nurturing or affectionate. I cannot number the times they showed me that I was a burden to them, a disappointment, an albatross.  My grades were never good enough, the classes I took weren’t challenging enough, I didn’t have enough friends, they didn’t like my friends, I should go out for all the sports, I should have…


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Billy Black

I have known the Black family since Embry and I moved back to La Push when he was little. He and Jacob were the same age, so starting with day care, then pre-school; I saw Billy and Sarah at drop-offs and pick-ups, parent’s days and special events. Sarah and I became friends, and would occasionally have lunch together or take the boys to the park. Sometimes, they would watch Embry if I had a late shift at the store. Sarah was just getting ready to teach me about throwing pottery when she…


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Once I was able to control my quaking body, I called Chief Black. He could hear it in my voice, he knew that I now knew Embry’s secret. I was not sure I could drive, so he came to the house. When he arrived, I was cleaning up, finding small pieces of Embry’s clothes everywhere. It explained why he suddenly needed new clothes a few years ago. I had thought it was just a growth spurt. Some spurt.


I had some tea ready for Chief Black and set the tea service in front of him on…


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Embry's Secret

To say finding out that the legends of the Quileute tribe were real was a surprise would be an understatement. The biggest surprise, though, was finding out that the father of my son was a carrier of the gene that forced my son to become a wolf. Not a werewolf, although that term has been thrown around. He is not affected by the moon. His trigger is something much colder and much closer in proximity; the vampires.


He had first changed years before I found out. He hid it from…


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