The Joys of Dance

Dance can reveal all the mysteries that music conceals.

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Dance every performance as if it were your last


  1. Kick off your Sunday shoes. If you do not own a pair of Sunday shoes, go out and buy a pair right now.
  2. Act like no one’s watching.
  3. Put your hands on your hips, yeah.
  4. Let your backbone slip. (Please consult a physician before completing this step.)
  5. Shake it like a Polaroid picture, which is to say “until everything looks blurry and ill defined.”
  6. Overthrow the anti-dancing establishment and learn a valuable lesson about life, love, and ”doing the butt.”


  • This guide will not teach your boyfriend how to dance with you.
  • Try not to have guilty feet, as they have got no rhythm.
  • It is acceptable to dance in the street, and it does not matter what you wear. But watch out for swingin’, swayin’, and records playin’.
  • Dancing is often done on a floor. Dancing on the ceiling engenders and entirely different sort of feeling.
  • Only put on your red shoes if you intend to dance the blues.
  • It is not impolite to leave your friends behind if your friends don’t dance, as they are no friends of mine.

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Comment by Dale Flannery on February 7, 2012 at 10:13pm

P.S i have also been trying to get back in touch with Peter or any of the cast to help with this and as the part 2 gets closer i am fearing this is the end?

Comment by Dale Flannery on February 7, 2012 at 10:09pm

you were saying in an e mail what would happen after breaking dawn well in 2009 i got a chance to talk with Peter Facinelli and we talked a long while about what we like of twilight and what we thought could be better and when i told him about what i thought would be a great idea i said look its been 4 books lets flip it over and make it a teenage boy and he could come and live with the cullen's, he could be Bella's cousin. and Peter said Cool! what would he be like with the Cullen's a vampire?  and i said No, he is a human and at first he don't know or don't believe they are vampires! and Peter said WOW, a human living with a family of vampires that's never been done! and what kind of character is he? and i replied Did you ever see the movie the teenage mutant ninja turtles? he said yes and i said Well think of him as a human Michelangelo. and Peter eyes went wide and he said And he is living with the Cullen's that's a great idea! you Need to tell Stephenie Meyer about this she would love it! so when i got home i started writing a letter to her about this but i was trying to tell her everything about this character and the letter got longer and longer until it was a story and i called it The New Storm because it sounded like a twilight title, so now that i have told you the truth about me meeting Peter i really could use the help getting this to Stephenie some how i feel the more people know about this story it might some way get to her through word of mouth some how so is there any way to help me if you with to read this story it is on my blog on my page on here 


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