You've all read them, the story where Bella falls in love with Mike Newton instead of Edward. The cringworthy version where Alice leaves Jasper for Leah. That one where they're all dressed as clowns. Let's hear 'em here.

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well i have read a story where you leave Bella at the altar for someone else that you met while you stayed in Denali for a while. You had apparently alreday planned the wedding but then upped and left one day and left her there. she then found you at yours and Bellas wedding.

How strange is that?
I can't beleve the things people come up with *laughs*
embry only one thing can describe this: LOL do you have the link or the name of this FanFic? I have to look it up. No offence Edward -laughs-
I have come across some very strange fanfics, I can tell you right now. But the weirdest? Ummmm. Oh geez, I just remembered XD It was a gay Edward/Jacob one about how they secretly loved each other but PRETENDED to be enemies and both like Bella, and I was half horrified, half crying from laughter. My parents probably thought I was crazy. And they don't count, but I've read some REALLY funny Jasper jokes that just make me go: *facepalm* But they're also funny. Sorry Jasper, don't mean to pick on you ;) Be glad the fanfic earlier wasn't about you...
It was actually a video... but I found one where, Bella was pregnant, and Carlisle the doctor at the hospital then Edward runs in, then Bella gives birth to a litter of puppies, then Jacob runs in and is over joyed, then Edward gets angry and Bella proceeded to tell him it all happened wile he was in Italy... it was so funny but really really strange at the same time!

I once read one where half the Cullen's were killed off, or left the clan and the only two that remained in Forks were Bella and Carlisle.  With Edward and Esme dead(this actually made me cry...) Bella and Carlisle sought comfort with each other and Carlisle got her pregnant.  I don't know that this is funny....just sickening.  And yes, a big BIG fail!!!



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