Being we do live in Italy, we in the Volturi family take a liking to good art.  Therefore, we have our very own art gallery in the castle.  Please, come and take a peek.


This is the entryway into the art gallery.  It has many pillars and arches.  A lot of the floor, pillars, and railings are made of marble.

The following photographs are what you would see while wandering our galleries.

Finally, if we get a spark of creativity and want to create some art of our own to add to our art gallery, we can go into the separate artist's room where you may paint to your heart's desire. The artist's room overlooks the city of Volterra outside the window.


We hope you've enjoyed the tour of our Volturi Art Gallery here in the castle!

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Beautiful! I miss Italy. :(

It is simply beautiful.


It is amazing maybe you should make a museum out of this it is amazing


I do enjoy the art that our family has collected over the many decades, It always pleases me to enter that chamber and see all the eye catching master pieces.


Amazing art gallery I am an artist myself as well. I love to look at and explore art. It amazes me and relaxes me, and the art themselves sometimes gives me ideas for an art project or drawings.
It's quite beautiful the gallery's interior.



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