Where does Heidi bring our food?  What is the last thing our victims see before they are fed upon?  What do the Volturi Dungeons look like beneath the castle?  Look no further, curious humans.  I have taken photographs of the various parts of the dungeons that may be of interest to you.  Now, our dungeons aren't so "cloaked in mystery."  Enjoy.


Below is a photograph of the staircase leading down towards the dungeons. However, I was at the base of the steps when this was taken.  So, from this particular point of view, this staircase leads from the dungeons to the main floor of the Volturi Castle.


You will see below the center of the dungeon hallways. 

The center of the dungeon area leads into multiple hallways that look like what you see below. The hallways are paved, unlike the main entry of the dungeons because if a human somehow escapes, they'd have to slide on the dirt entry area. We'd have enough time to catch them in that spot before they could escape.



Once you open one of the doors leading into a cell, you will see identical cells like the following:


And last, but not least, dungeons would not be complete with a torture room! Yes, we have used these items on humans. Especially the ones who like to mouth off at us Volturi. 


I do hope you've enjoyed the tour of our dungeons and it's accommodations for our guests.  We are always looking for guests to drop by and visit our dungeons.  If you are interested, please speak with one of the masters.  I am sure they would love to have you over for dinner.  *smirks*

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I would love to come for dinner some time but the thing is my parents always want me to stay home and eat a family meal with them I am glad people try to connect with you




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